Monday, March 13, 2017

If you are able to connect sexually

To be honest as well, if she’s not being well fucked or she’s not having deeper vaginal orgasms, then that’s often a symptom. That’s part of the fuck-may syndrome, is when women aren’t getting that deeper, energetic, emotional, vaginal release, then they become invalid emotionally. They’ll become emotional vomiters or ventors or ragers or whatever, because they’re imbalanced, which is a bit of a catch-22 obviously if that stuff turns you off. I don’t know if you have any kind of sexual—I say that it’s important to clear and glass and clear emotional stuff before ongoing to keep the space clear for a sexual connection. If you are able to connect sexually and you are able to get in her vagina and really open her up in the vagina, that’s going to help clear out a lot of emotional shit for her as well. If you can do that, it’ll help to lessen the impact and the overall imbalance-ness of her emotional state, too. Learn more at and

I think the other thing that I like about them, what I think is really powerful, is that you’re still in this half sleepy, unconscious, more visceral state. Your mind hasn’t jumped in to get in the way to say morning sex isn’t very good. It’s like if you start to stimulate somebody, even if they’re partly asleep, but they have to be open to it, they have to be open to it. If they’re not open to it, they’re going to just put up a block and tell themselves it’s not a good thing. A little bit of stimulation ought to do the trick. If they are open to it, that’s when it can be a shorter session overall.

After ejaculation, the tip of my cock is extremely sensitive for around five minutes and if my partner wants to touch it right after ejaculation in any way, with hand or mouth, it becomes almost painful. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? KIM: If you are choosing to ejaculate, then make sure that during your ejaculation and then ideally all the way through the ejaculation you’re breathing up the spine and exhaling down the front, inhaling up, exhaling down. I get that in the moment it might be hard to do that, but you can train yourself to do that. Then afterward, if immediately after, if you’ve forgotten the breath or it’s been hard to do it during, then immediately come back and do like nine rounds, many rounds of that up the spine, down the front. Any kind of, like I said, any kind of sensation that’s a little bit off or tingly, discomfort, is usually stuck energy. We want to breathe that energy through the system.

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