Monday, March 13, 2017

If we put lubrication in

All right, in closing, what I want to emphasize is that so many, like one of the real key elements to my work is using the body and sexual expression as barometer for things in our overall lives and relationships. When, say a woman has something like endometriosis, like there’s some massively stuck energy block within her system that is contributing to that. My philosophy is to take that as a sign to go in and do deeper work and deeper healing. Everything is a barometer, so when the healing is done, the symptoms disappear or the ailment disappears and the same thing applies to orgasms, is that when we go in and do the deeper work—and the vaginal orgasms are much more accurate barometers because the clitoris can respond to more physical or lustful or superficial stimulation, but the vagina doesn’t lie that way. It only lies if we put lubrication in and then it acts like it. It can lie to itself but the vaginal orgasms really only come when deeper layers have been accessed and a woman is open and she’s done a certain amount of work and there’s a certain amount of clearing work that’s been done within the connection. Then those orgasms come, they come easily, easily, they come without—the stimulation part becomes almost incidental. That’s when, like I said, they move into the territory of energy orgasms because so much work has been done, the heart is so open, the vagina becomes so much more responsive that it’s so much less about the physical twists and turns and thrusts and movement than it is about the emotional state of the woman and between her partner. All of these things are indications of that. All of these other things that we’re working on, like polarity or block clearing and other past trauma clearing, are all helping to pave that space to openness. Open heart, open vagina, open cock. When you have that, all of these things are possible and your relationship actually becomes this healing energy, this healing source, where these issues become prevented or become mitigated by the fact that your connection, that incredible power that you harness with each other, of love and sexual love and sexual energy becomes one of the most unstoppable things in the universe. Learn more at and

I don’t say that lightly or with exaggeration, I say it with true conviction. Think about that, if that’s the most powerful thing, one of the most powerful things that you have at your fingertips, then when it’s not working and it’s working against you and it’s being suppressed, it becomes a very destructive thing. Issues in the relationship that people allow to fester can actually help contribute to disease, to unwellness, because people aren’t looking at things, they are allowing things to be buried. They’re allowing denial to live in the space. They have a tacit agreement, don’t ask/don’t tell. Tacit agreement—don’t rock the boat.

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