Saturday, March 11, 2017

If she spins around she’s in Reverse Cowgirl

If she spins around she’s in Reverse Cowgirl. Now you have another great view of her ass. She can create a different sensation by moving in a slight circular motion. But be careful though, especially with bigger women, if she comes down too hard at the wrong angle she can break your dick and maybe leave it permanently bent in a strange way. Doggie (38m:58) Transition into Doggie from Reverse Cowgirl by going to the side and then up. Simply put, you aren’t a player if you don’t love Doggie style. Girls love it too because it’s so primitive. It can be very hot, especially with a man who is comfortable being so sexual. It’s the best position for working the G-Spot, especially if you concentrate on driving your thing down towards the bed. This is also a great position for working her Clit with your hand. So don’t be shy by reaching around and massaging the area right above where your dick is going in. She is sure to be impressed. Feel free to grab her titties, it’s all there for you! Score some points and make it a little less animalistic by softly kissing the back of her neck. Or you can just get filthy and if she seems game, smack that ass. Or really fuck with her head and do both! Don’t ever say who’s your daddy, that shit is lame. Also be aware, for guys with normal to small size dicks. You probably want to use medium to deep thrusts to avoid falling out too often. Enjoy the sensation of your balls hitting up against her ass. Upside Down Pineapple Pancake Fuck (40:16) You probably aren’t going to fire this one up anytime soon so just enjoy. Final Pointers (40:25) • Be thinking angles to hit the Clit or G-Spot and not just with your dick. • Use your hands to work her body, i.e. her Clit, her titties or ass. • Make some noise, let her know you’re feeling it with sounds and dirty words. • Say your girl’s name, she’ll like that. Some good clean Fucking – Demo (41:03) Tips on making her chase … Brianne (46:37) Don’t rush the foreplay. Kiss on her a little bit, then go back to watching the DVD or whatever you’re doing. Make her come to you, it’s always fun when she has to chase, because they don’t get that a lot. Learn more at

Chapter 7 – In the Can (47m:00) The filthiness and under-abundance of ass-fucking is precisely what makes it so hot. Common Myths about Ass Banging (47m:45) Excessive Ass Pain (47m:56) Bottom line if you’re lubed up and relaxed it should only be good painful. My Ass is Full of Shit (48m:07) This isn’t true most of the time. Shit doesn’t drop into your pooper until just before you squeeze one out. Only trace amounts remain. Only Pervs Do Anal Sex (48m:24) According to the stats, upwards of 40% have tried anal sex. Health Concerns (48m:34) Do not have ass-sex without using a condom. STD’s aside, the shit from her ass ain’t doing your cock no favours and your load isn’t good for her ass. Ass Fingering (49m:00) The Shocker (49m:22) “Two in the Slit, One in the Shit” Finger in the Ass whilst Licking Pussy (49m:28) Solo Double Penetration (49m:38) Some Tips (49m:48) When starting out, go slow. Ass Fucking Preparation (50m:43) Get her relaxed and use lots of lube. Wrap up.

Massage her ass. Insert 1 or 2 well-lubed fingers into her ass. Lube up the condom on your cock. “Tippy-toe” your cock into her ass. Tell her to breathe normally. You’re In (52m:00) made by Starchy - courtesy of

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