Monday, March 13, 2017

I pretended to ignore her pheromone scent

I pretended to ignore her pheromone scent. The guy ended up buying another round and pulled out a stack of hundreds. I don't know what he did for a living but he was a high roller. In fact all 3 were. The blonde tapped my leg and said; looks like you have some admirers. I replied, “Yeah I have a lot of those.” The Asian girl tapped my shoulder and asked, “Are you a true pheromone user?” I said, “No. My bracelet says, “Amor.” Means love in Spanish. She then asked, “Are you a football player?” I replied, “I don't know. Maybe.” I turned back to the 3 set. The blonde asked me what did she say to me and I said, “She wanted to know if I played football.” The blonde said, “You should've told her yes.” I could tell that Maria was getting jealous and I was close to losing the set. So I introduced the two Asian girls in to the set. Hey guys , “These are my good friends, Maria, her best friend, and husband and they love Pherazone pheromone cologne. Learn more at

Maria is the best chef in the Bay Area.” She began to smile. The two Asian girls introduced themselves, and I was now running a five - set. The Asian girl was very persistent in getting my attention, but I did not know how to keep both girls interested without losing the other. I ended up losing the Asian girl as they got up and left. I continued running the three - set, and the drinks kept coming. I made an error and began talking about whether pheromones work with Maria and she was a Republican. I told her I didn't care for either and it seemed like a low value. So I recovered by changing the subject according to

I told her we would go dancing and that I was having a big mansion party and they all should come. I number closed her, and when I looked up, Serano was standing next to me. He asked me if I needed a wing, and I told him I'd be fine. I introduced him into the set and he said he was just leaving and taking the students to another club and told me to stay in set. The blonde and her husband said, “Is he leaving? We'll take you home, where are you staying?” At the time, I didn't know what high value and low value residential areas were, so I said, “I'm staying in Campbell,” which was not considered an expensive area. Learn more at

We headed back to Celcius, and Arash brought in his girl that does style. She went through each individual’s avatar and gave several helpful tips on hair, clothes, shoes, and even pheromone cologne. She explained how much money and effort it takes for a 9 or a 10 to maintain her beauty every 3 months and the numbers were in the $1,000's. So it was clear of the importance of a man being well groomed and having an attractive style and avatar. Beast did his final lecture on DHV gambits, and ended with testimonials.

I had gotten too excited and did a video testimonial with Lucky. It began with a series of questions about how successful was I after the boot camp an d the things I had learned. Then he asked me a specific question. “What kind of girls were you getting before the boot camp and studying with Arash?” I replied, “ 6's and 7's.”

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