Monday, March 13, 2017

I just came off of the Mexico Orgasmic Enlightenment Retrea

I just came off of the Mexico Orgasmic Enlightenment Retreat a couple weeks ago now and that was definitely one of the biggest themes for every single couple, massive theme. It requires acknowledging intellectually that if you accept many of these ideas in the polarity domain, you’re not losing any ground as a feminist or as a woman, as a female in modern-day life and that you can still have both. I understand that some of those ideas challenge the concepts in feminism, but they’re able to coexist. It’s an understanding mostly on the part of the woman, that she isn’t losing, she’s actually gaining ground. The ways in which she allows herself to surrender, she allows a degree of submissiveness in the relationship, but particularly in the bedroom, that she’ll be rewarded, that she’ll actually come swinging out more strong, more confident, with more powerful masculine energy to harness and tap into in her day-to-day life and in her work life. Learn more at and

They do stand at a bit of a contradiction, but not, I think, once you get into a deeper understanding that really embracing polarity serves women on a very powerful level and allows them—and also acknowledges that the feminine way of achieving things in the world—and we don’t emphasize this so much in the men’s course because I’m focusing on you, your masculine in the relationship. But when I’m talking with women about how most women really take on a masculine energy to get things done in the world, they become quite assertive and aggressive and go out there and power through life, which doesn’t sound all that bad when we describe it. But many women end up burnt out and realize that there’s another way to achieve things in the world, which is to attract, which is to radiate, which is to really embrace them, immerse themselves in their femininity and they end up magnetizing opportunities to them and they don’t have to work so hard. It’s a different way of achieving things in the world. It might be hard to wrap their head around it, it was hard for me to wrap my head around it first, until I really saw it in action. The more I stepped into my feminine, the more I could attract being feminine without having to slog away so hard. I still work hard in my life to get things done, but it’s not the same as exhausting myself and going into burnout.

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