Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to Orgasm to get High & Smart

 Here’s what you’ll learn in this video: • The “heinous sin of self-pollution” and other sexual risks! • Semen retention • Terminal vs. Tantric plateau orgasms • Full-body extended orgasms Male semen is composed of a nutrient-rich powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, enzymes, ions, and other beneficial substances. Beyond that, it contains a huge amount of life-force energy that most men eject unknowingly. I’ve mentioned that the Taoist emperors and upperclassmen were skilled in this art of how to redirect sexual energy to the brain and to the vital organs of the body. They learned how to orgasm without ejaculation so that they could retain and use this potent energy for themselves. The “heinous sin of self-pollution” Men are especially at risk for energy loss through sex. We have this cliché of the man who ejaculates and then rolls over and goes to sleep for a reason. Men lose a lot of vital energy through this unconscious ejaculation and I would say through unconscious sex. This whole idea of being very judicious about your ejaculations is all woven throughout the Tantric and Taoist writings about men needing to conserve their ejaculation and be  very conscious of how they do it.  Learn more at

It also crops up in other places in history and for a millennia, it shows up as a critique of masturbation, because masturbation is usually thought of as this kind of solo act where people are wasting their seed. Through the ages there’s usually been this downplay of masturbation because it’s potentially not so life-giving to the people practicing it. Part of that was a moral thing and part of it was a health thing. Ancient Greek physicians like Galen and Hypocrites, in the mindset of the day, looked at the body and the nervous system as this very delicate series of fluids that needed to be kept in careful balance. Excessive ejaculation via masturbation would deplete the body and upset that balance. Now semen was considered to be a very vital and precious fluid, which is exactly how I look at it, so I want to give you a few choice semen quotes from the ages past. “Semen is the most refined and noblest part of the human frame, containing in itself the whole nature and complexion of every part of the body, or in other words, being the very essence of man.” — Nicolas Venette, 17th century physician, sexologist and writer. “A hot and humid spirituous body produced in the testicles or a body full of spirit incapable of generating a soul.” —That’s from de Graaf, (1641-1673). “The seminal spirits are the fire sung by poets as having been stolen from the gods by Prometheus.” — Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis, The Earthly Venus (1753)

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