Saturday, March 11, 2017

How should I act if a squirter/wetter wets my bed?

There’s always different levels of work that has to be done then to move into a different direction. CALLER: Right, I get that. Yeah, I think that that’s probably been the biggest thing I’ve struggled with is this—is this a situation where it’s worth working through or with somebody, is it workable and/or is it worth just taking the lessons into a new relationship, but both seem rather daunting at the moment, but that’s a whole nother story. I got it, I understand what you’re saying is that there is a possibility to consciously work through it but it takes both partners to do the work and adjust and grow together in order to have that be workable. KIM: Absolutely. That’s the answer to your question, is something salvageable and that becomes, to me, the deciding factor, is the degree to which both people are willing to commit to and then actually execute. People can say they’re committed, they can say they want to do certain things, but until they really, really take the steps and show up and do the work and that’s when you move into those other directions. You can, you can adjust almost anything if you’re willing to work on it and you do the work and you do it in a timely manner. Yes, it can’t just be like a thought or someone’s partly commitment or they commit and then they pull back. It’s like no, we’re fucking going for it. Everyone has their moments of fear or fuckness or their blind spot, but then you’re still willing to work through those together. You can be committed and totally doing the work and you’ll come up against that really stops you in your tracks and then as much as you can, you try to talk about that or the other person helps you to talk about it and then you move past it.  Learn more at

It’s not like it will always be a smooth and easy road, but that you’re still committed to it, even when the blocks come up and your blind spots, you’re still both committed to working on them and moving forward.  Right, totally. This is a very subjective question, but in your mind, what makes the situation unworkable, like where you should just move past? KIM: When people stop doing—when they don’t do the work. If they don’t do the work and they’re stalling on doing the work and they find excuses and

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