Monday, March 13, 2017

High From Sex

You get more high. I’m all about the getting high through sex and the more that you do those things, the higher that you get. If you’re just jumping in for a quick bump and hump and ejac, then you’re getting the minimal—you’re probably going to be depleted. You’ll think that you’re getting “stress relief” but really you’re just passing out, which I guess is some form of stress relief, but not really, it’s more of an escapism than I’d say genuine stress relief. Then I don’t really like to think about sex as being, “This is my tool for stress relief.” It is that by default, but not, to me, as like a go-to. I would like to think of exercise or, I don’t know, doing some different projects as way that you can also some of that stuff. Obviously coming together is a way that you revitalize yourself in the relationship, but to me, stress relief is an outcome for sex, it’s kind of like a very base goal to have. It’s not entirely in opposition, like I said, I look at that as a place that we recharge and nourish and rejuvenate ourselves. Stress relief, to me, is also something that I’d like to see other outlets that you consider to be primary stress relief outlets. Learn more at and

Maybe after work you go to the gym for 45 minutes and you do an awesome hit workout and a high intensity workout and then that’s going to boost your testosterone and you’ll relieve a lot of stress, wipe out some cortisol and then you can come home and be in a different space to be with your wife. — QUESTION: I like your podcast about morning sex and using the morning wood for good. My girlfriend doesn’t particularly care for mornings in general and I find my morning wood is fragile, i.e., it doesn’t last if I have to do 30 minutes of foreplay to get her wet.

 Lube would be the easy fix. I would love to wake up with wood, poke her, find her super wet and just thrust in, but usually she is pretty dry in the A.M. How do I navigate this ? KIM: I’d say this also comes down to the simmer and her openness. If somebody has a mental block against morning sex, like they don’t think they’re awake or ready or open, then that’s part of it, is we want to remove the mental blocks. You can have them watch my morning sex video that’s up on YouTube right now. Then the ongoing simmer, if you guys are hovering at a steady simmer of, let’s say, a 7 or an 8, then any time a sexual initiation isn’t going to need, again, 30 minutes of foreplay to get there, it can take a lot less. It really is primarily, first of all, her openness to the concept and then second of all, your overall simmer. That’s, honestly, mornings are a time where I think quickies are more suited to because yes, you want to maybe have a little bit of play but hopefully you can just more dive right in.

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