Saturday, March 11, 2017

her G-Spot as you apply pressure with your fingers

Is the best stimulation technique for this position As you feel her G-Spot feel up, you’re almost “milking” her G-Spot as you apply pressure with your fingers. Almost get behind her G-Spot with fingers and curling your fingers towards you, pull your hand out, trying to squeeze her fluids out of her G-Spot. Ask her to tell if you’re going too hard or soft Listen to her pussy getting sloshy! Taste her fluids. Enjoy yourself. Don’t focus too much on goal of getting her to squirt. Kiss her, suck on her nipples, kiss her pussy. Speed up as she gets close to cumming Getting to her G-Spot from her anus (14m:26s) Continuing demo with dildo – because his arm is getting tired. With some girls you can stimulate her G-Spot from her anus! She lies back flat on her back with her legs raised right back, maybe crossed. Learn more at

Lube her ass up with fingers

(16m:00s) Warm her ass up with your fingers Apply upward pressure through her anus onto her G-Spot (16m:10s) Feel her G-Spot through her ass Using the dildo (16m:40s) Remember anything that goes into her ass i.e. fingers, cock or toy, never goes into her pussy afterwards. So have multiple toys!! Ask her how it feels, if she feels OK. Get her ass used to the penetration before applying upward pressure (16m:20s) Suck, lick on her clit at same time Apply more pressure when her ass is ready (18m:05s) Check if using enough lube, maybe use your spit if have to. Use short strokes (18m:31s) Don’t use long strokes (only need to go in deep enough to access G-Spot), just tap on her G-Spot with short strokes through her ass. Can add in fingering her clit with fingers (or she can as well) (19m:00s)

Using fingers in her ass to stimulate G-Spot

No tapping is necessary in this position, just rub and poke

(20m:10s) Just rub and kind of poke, no tapping necessary in this position When you feel she’s ready to squirt, use upward thrusting action with your hands (20m:35s) Squirting orgasm #1 (21m:11s) Note : added clitoral stimulation She is rubbing her clit as well. ( Starchy : can also try rubbing your cockhead across her clit as she cums )

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