Monday, March 13, 2017

Glimpses With Intimacy

Tacit agreement—shove things under the carpet and leave them there because talking about them would be grueling and too difficult or would rock the boat or “Oh no, what if I say what I’m really thinking and feeling, what’s going to happen? It’s going to hurt the other person, it might hurt the relationship.” The only way out is through. The only way you’re ever going to get to a place of transcendence and harnessing that power, that incredible, true, wild super power that I talk about is by doing those things, is really directly looking them in the eye and clear and creating such an open, powerful vessel with your relationship where anything is possible. It takes a lot of focus and work to get there and I know that I’ve given you guys all these places to look, all this treasure map of areas to examine and to excavate in your life, to access those from. Once you get there and you live there, you understand that there’s really nothing like it. Learn more at and

You may have had glimpses in your relationship, you may live there a good part of the time and I believe it’s possible to live there most of the time. Once you have the tools at your disposal, if there are little hiccups here and there, you can recover from them very quickly and that’s what you do, rather than letting things sit and build—that’s what they turn into, they turn into mountains of stuff that’s in the space that needs to get cleared and the mountains of stuff eventually translate into illness and into other blocks in your outer life and relationship, like financial blocks is a really good example. This is one of the things I’m so passionate about and convicted about in my work, is the effect that the connection has on every other part of your life and why it’s so important to do this work and have it as part of your daily existence, to do the work, to keep that clear space between you because you are the unit of power that fires up every other part of your life. All right, we have another challenge week this week. Again, this is our only Q&A call for the week. We’ll have obviously our next one the coming week, but your challenge week - this is your week to now catch up or take on another level of whatever challenge I’m issuing to you that you can receive or just keep working on what you’ve been doing. Great call, thanks, everyone for your questions. I believe I’m back on land next week, so I’ll be back on the regular call, but everything did really well, consider I’m out in the middle of nowhere with no internet, no cell phones, but my handy satellite phone. Lots of love to everyone and we’ll be here next week.

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