Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fun Nights and Foreplay

Can you talk about how you do energetic lovemaking over Skype or on the phone? KIM: It’s not so much of a…I really tried to do this and made it happen as it is, I would say, years and years of cumulative work in clearing blocks, opening up energy channels and meridians in the body and developing those other senses. I believe that every person has what we refer to loosely as psychic abilities, where they can see into the future, they can telepathically tune into their partner or send them messages and energy across distance and time. When you get to a place of being able to do that with energy sex, I’d say that it’s the result of being very, very open, very, very connected, so you’ve done all of that block-clearing work, ongoing, that’s a constant way of opening so you feel that real openheartedness, open genital-ness within each other.

Then you believe that thoughts are things and feelings are things and when you have thoughts about people and you radiate them out into the universe, we feel them. If you’re grumbling about someone in your mind, let’s say a work colleague that you’re really upset with and you’re feeling very frustrated, and in your mind, you’re attacking them, they feel that. On some level, they feel it. They may not identify where it’s coming from or who it’s coming from, but they will know. They’ll know on some level, everyone knows everything. That’s why I often say a lie is a lie, especially in the domain of when people say, step out of the relationship with infidelity, everyone knows. The other person absolutely fucking knows what you’ve done, they just are consciously trying to deny it to themselves and remain in denial because it will upset the status quo and both of you have a vested interest in the status quo, if you’re now diving into infidelity without naming what’s really wrong in the relationship.

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Part of it is belief, part of it is all these other things that you’re doing that reinforce your openness to life, to energies, to each other. Then it becomes something that happens. If you start then thinking about or feeling into receiving touch, really imagining how it feels to receive that touch in certain parts of your body and give that touch to your partner, the more that you imagine it, the more it becomes real and the more that each of you will tune into it.

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