Monday, March 13, 2017

Exponential Sex Drive

I think once women start to understand that, then the difference becomes clear on an experiential level and the intellect gets to fall to the side. Learn more at

The physical orgasms are more energetic in their very nature because they’re dealing not just with physical touch and expression, like you’re actually touching somebody on these deeper emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. The more that you have these deeper orgasms, for the woman, and the man, if you completely run into that territory of separating orgasm from ejaculation, having full body orgasms, these are more higher, transcendent orgasms and they really lay the foundation for having more pure energetic orgasms that don’t even require touch.  Learn more at

I have been doing the home play but often still go over the edge and come. I can usually reach a peak four or five times, but if I go to peak another time and stop at the same level of arousal as I have previously, my arousal continues to build without any pleasuring and I come. Can you offer any advice? Should I be stopping at a lower level of arousal? Stopping my play session one peak earlier? Going slower, or a combination of any of these? KIM: I’d say a combination of any of those and make sure, absolutely sure, that you’re breathing deeper, deeper than you think you can, like huge breath into your belly, huge breath into your pelvis, make sure that you’re totally relaxed and open. But yeah, if you’re feeling that you’re stuck in some way, just vary up any of the variables and see if that makes a different. Generally I find that it comes down to the breathing or the tightening, they’re number one, then the other things are your secondary things to start changing and see if that makes a difference.

Has this been something you guys have discussed through any part of your relationship? CALLER: There were moments of discussing it but it wasn’t really discussed in the context of polarity, it was just more discussed in like the ideas of me working on my masculine and her working on her feminine, but it wasn’t really discussed as in we’re working on it together to create polarity. It was a very new concept that came up more toward the end of the relationship, but by that point there was already a lot of distance and damage done.

“Oh no, I couldn’t because,” or “I can’t because,” or they just, they kind of agree in principle but then they don’t actually follow through. They don’t actually follow through in a way that makes you excited. Meaning, when, I think, someone else, like two people are really embarking on the work together, they’re really willing to dive in and take the risk and you see it and you feel it, it’s unmistakable. Then when you feel like almost like this sinking sensation of old behaviors and habits returning and the person sort of just going backwards, then it’s not working, they’re not really showing up. CALLER: Okay. I got it, thank you.

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