Saturday, March 11, 2017

Every vagina has different angles

Trying with a slower more constant, hand motion now. Now you’ll be pulling your hand back-and –forth horizontally as her G-Spot is now positioned differently. Speed up as she gets closer and the sloshy sounds increase. Squirting Orgasm #6 (18:40s) Even if she doesn’t squirt, still feels good to her. Some girls prefer squirting after first being fucked (19:00s) Can save squirting for the end of the sex session, when her pussy is all warmed up. Have sex, try different positions, carry on with foreplay. What Marcus has done sometimes, is been fucking for 5or 10 minutes and then literally withdraw his cock out of her when she’s really, really close to cumming and then put his 2 fingers straight into her and finger her to a squirting orgasm. She can orgasm and squirt much better this way because she’s already so close and so aroused. Squirting Orgasm #7 (20:05s) Squirting Orgasm #8 (20:40s) Be kissing her deeply and then finger her to another squirting orgasm. Every girl squirts different (21:00s) Some girls squirt a lot, some a little. Make her drink more water before and even in between squirting orgasms. Squirting Orgasm Mastery 02-03 with Monique Alexander Starchy : my summary notes (not exact transcription) Doesn’t think she’s ever squirted (0:30s) She’s gotten really wet sometimes but never actually squirted. She thinks squirting is weird and more like pee’ing. She’s not scared of it though. How should a guy go about it for the first time with a woman (2:25s) She probably feels it ;s not better to bring it up before attempting it. Use a lot of foreplay. Get her used to squirting. Learn more at

(3:46s) She likes oral and kissing on her neck. A lot of guys don’t know how to finger a woman or eat her out properly. Some of her ex-lovers never ate her out! She’s never had a lover try and make her squirt. Even a pro like Monique has to feel relaxed and comfortable with her man (6:00s) Physical Demo (7:45s) She’s very nervous (even as a pro!) because it’s her first time. Lube the both of you up (water-soluble lubes are the best) (8:05s) Marcus reckons water-based lubes are the best. Foreplay (8:40s) She lies back against the pillows, legs spread. You kneel / sit next to her. Kiss her while caressing her pussy. Start fingering her (8:50s) Insert both fingers, palm facing up, outside 2 fingers underneath her bum (helping the inner fingers to push against her Urethral sponge (G-Spot). Stimulate her Urethral Sponge (9:15s) Start manipulating slowly at first, just to get her relaxed. Reposition if necessary (10:00s) If she sinks too deep into the bed (hampering your hand movements), then make her move closer to the edge of the bed, legs hanging over the edge or kneel (her body raised up and your left arm wrapped around her lower back).

Every vagina has different angles, so adjust your position, kneeling on your haunches (or not) etc as may be necessary. Maybe even kneel on floor in front of bed as she kneels on edge (her body raised up). Stimulate her Urethral Sponge (11:00s) Start rubbing faster and harder, especially as your sloshing noises get louder. Squirting Orgasm #1 (11:35s) Squirting orgasm gets really intense followed by a release. Kiss her after. Once she’s squirted a few times, it becomes easier in general (even to do by herself). Squirting Orgasm #2 (12:40s) Dealing with Mental blockages (12:55s) Not helpful if she’s in her head and self-conscious. It becomes a lot easier with kissing, lots foreplay, nice lighting, candles, soft music etc, even some alcohol to help relax. Reposition if necessary (13:45s) Her lying back, you kneeling next to her, over her. Squirting Orgasm #3 (14:05s) Her squirting orgasms are very close together. She’s not convinced yet that she likes it. Mental blockages (14:55s) Her anticipation of her squirting, is holding her squirting orgasms back. Difficult to relax if she’s not comfortable with her partner yet, it’s a very intimate experience for her. Squirting Orgasm #4 (16:05s) Concluding thoughts (16:40s) It’s critically important that the woman feels comfortable. Just before she ejaculates the sensations become very intense for her, almost overpowering such that she might feel like stopping. She’ll enjoy it more with more experience.

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