Saturday, March 11, 2017

Creative and sexual abilities

This is total semen worship! If you’re ever wondering about how to get your woman to swallow your ejaculate, just quote these seductive bon mot to her. I’ve always loved eating ejaculate because I feel like it gets me high and then throughout the research that I’ve done I come across these things that talk about how wonderfully potent the ejaculate is and I’m vindicated by science. Samuel Tissot was an 18th century physician and he published the most comprehensive argument against masturbation ever in 1760. It was a book called Onania , or The Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution and All Its Frightful Consequences in Both Sexes Considered . He referred to masturbation as the heinous sin of self-pollution and onanism, refers to the idea of having sex in a nonprocreative way. Tissot, like the Greeks, looked at semen as being this essential oil for the body, something that you don’t want to waste, something that you want to take very good care of and be conscious of what you do with it. Here’s another really good quote: “The Flower and choicest part of the Blood and nervous Fluid — Robert James, A Medicinal Dictionary (1745). They believed that semen was responsible for masculine traits. Here’s another one: “The seminal liquor has so great an influence on the corporeal powers that the physicians of all ages have been unanimously of the opinion that the loss of an ounce of this humour would weaken more than that of 40 ounces of blood.” — Samuel Tissot . Learn more at

Excess release of semen could lead to loss of erection, premature ejaculation, laziness, weakmindedness, acne, and becoming more effeminate. In Pagan times, semen was considered so precious and magical that it was spread across crops and fields to help them grow and it was rubbed on objects to make them more powerful. The Taoist master, Mantak Chia, explains that with constant depletion of the body’s reserves, one loses, among other things, vision, hair, digestive power, mental acuity. He says: “When hormonal secretions of the sexual glands are regularly leeched out, the body is sapped at its root. Within a period of time that will range from months to decades, depending on the endowment of the individual, creative and sexual abilities are halved and the ability to withstand disease and the frailties of old age is diminished.” The Taoist belief is that with this excessive depletion of these nutrients and vital energies in the body, that men would go bald, that was one of the symptoms of excessive masturbation. This might sound a little out there, but the more that I’ve talked to men and I’ve consulted with men, I’ve seen this validated. I had a client come to me who had been masturbating for 10 years every day, using porn, from about age 12 or 13. He was 22 when he came to see me and he was completely bald. Completely bald at age 22! The guy did not have a stressful life at all, apart from his daily commitment to masturbation. The reason I’m presenting all of this and bombarding you with all this seminal poetry is that you can see how much this idea of semen being this very precious, vital elixir has emerged throughout history and the idea that wasting it has had a depleting effect on men. All of these cultures advocated the idea of being very conscious of what you do with that stuff

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