Saturday, March 11, 2017

Can a woman squirt during penetration?

Can a woman squirt during penetration?  It can happen, not to every woman, and is easier after fingering her to a squirting orgasm. It depends on the angle and especially how hard you fuck her. Woman have squirted from being fucked anally (not by Marcus though). (21m:55s) Tori was fucking a guy once where she was on top and he put one hand on her belly and one hand on her lower back so he could push her back and forth on him. As she was grinding on him really quickly she squirted all over him. Tori isn’t normally a squirter, usually happens randomly. She doesn’t want to do it every day as it might lose its special appeal. The texture of her squirt feels drier/thicker than her normal pussy-juice, so if she is fucked after squirting it can be too dry for her (use some lube maybe). Tori is a special case here. Communicate with your woman, doe she prefer fucking before or after squirting. Tori suggests finger her first but don’t rush to fucking straight after. Sneak it in there. It is an intense orgasm (24:30s) It’s a big turnoff for her if you don’t warm her up first and rush into trying to make her squirt too soon, can even be painful for her. Sometimes if she knows you’re trying to make her quirt and you don’t succeed then try another day as she is no longer in a suitable mental frame of mind to try again, you’ll only hurt her. She’ll try to physically pull away and close her legs even, you’ll know it’s not working anymore. Techniques that don’t work for squirting (25:40s) The main way to make a woman squirt is your fingers. Learn more at

One variation of that is to place your free hand on her lower abdomen (above her pubic bone) whilst you’re fingering her and press down in an effort to get her urethral sponge closer to the stimulating motion of their fingering hand. However Marcus feels this puts excessive pressure on the bladder area (and other uncomfortable areas) and is in effect trying to draw her ejaculate out form the wrong area. Marcus may lightly rest his hand on their but he never apples pressure to it. The right way to make her squirt (27m:41s) First lube your fingering fingers Firstly because you’re going to be going around her pussy trying to make her wet and comfortable. Secondly the finger penetration will be uncomfortable for her if there’s insufficient lubrication. Use two fingers (28:00s) Marcus has used only one finger before but he suggest using two as it’s a lot easier. He use his 3 rd and 4 th fingers to finger her whilst his forefinger and pinkie are kept flat and press up against her backside (perineum) to provide stability Find the urethral sponge Once he’s inside her pussy he looks for that circular pad about 1 inch in diameter and manipulates it

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