Sunday, March 26, 2017

cuddle and breathe intimacy

Breathing deeply together is one of the most profound ways to cultivate your sexual relationship.

Deep Breathing: Try this couple's breathing exercise while you cud- dle in a spooning position, using pillows to support your heads. The partner behind places one arm underneath his or her partner's neck and holds the breastbone or forehead. The other hand holds the lower belly and is free to touch the genitals. Close your eyes and adjust your bodies comfortably, with your feet or ankles touching your partner's. Learn more at and

As you cuddle and breathe deeply together, notice your bodily sensations. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply in synchronization for several minutes. Let go of whatever feelings, memories, or judgments you're holding from the past; let go of whatever anxiety you have about the present or the future. Consciously focus on being in the present moment, feeling your body as you continue to breathe deeply in sync. . . . Ask yourselves what your hearts need. Be with the question and let the answers simply come to you. . . . Whether you drift ofi‘ to sleep or become sexually charged and aroused, let yourselves go with the flow. Learn more at and

Breath Alternation: Another way to practice couple's breathing is simply to breathe in slowly and deeply as your partner breathes out. After pausing for a few seconds, breathe out as your partner breathes in. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply in this way for several minutes as you focus on loving your partner.

After trying both ways of breathing, choose one pattern that seems most mutually satisfying. Breathing deeply together on a daily basis generates energy for a more vibrant loving couple.

Relax Your Body

The most trustworthy personal information you have comes from your own body. Your body does not lie but provides constant and direct responses to your experiences. The more you pay attention to its signals, including its minutest sensations, the easier it will be to interpret them. Intimacy requires you to be relaxed and yet attuned to the signals of your body. Cultivating body awareness, deep relax- ation, and the ability to communicate your body's responses will enable you to be more responsive to each other.


Daily stretching, such as yoga, awakens your body's circulation in new ways, and with good results for your love life. Without regular stretching, the body becomes stiff, tense, and easily tired. Everyone must take responsibility for stretching and for maintaining good overall body awareness and health.
As you stretch, tune in to your body. Close your eyes and focus your attention on how each body part feels. Don't force your body into uncomfortable stretching positions, and don't strain it. Let it stretch as far as it wants to go, trusting your judgment and your own limitations. Be flexible; the degree of your stretch at any particular time may Vary, depending on many circumstances. Stretch slowly and moderately, so that you feel a small degree of pull but not pain. If you experience pain in a stretch, you are pushing yourself too hard.
Immediately after stretching, practicing the couple's exercises, or using acupressure points, lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable, covering yourself with a blanket or a sheet. The following relaxation meditation can help you relax from your toes to your head. You may want to make a tape recording of these steps, perhaps accompanied by soothing background music.

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