Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ancient Sexual Power

Ancient Sexual Power Here’s what you’ll learn in this video: • A brief history of Tantra and Taoist sexuality • Sexual kung fu • Just breathe A brief history of Tantra and Taoist sexuality Five thousand years ago, these ancient cultures really had it going on. In India and ancient Taoist China, they looked at sex as healing medicine, a catalyst for spiritual growth and sexual energy. The key of all this was vital power and looking at how we were using it consciously instead of squandering it. The word Tantra is a Sanskrit Indian word which means “to weave together.” Their school of Tantra is a little more ritual-based, there is a lot of talk of gods and goddesses and ritual ceremonies, but they’re really going in the same direction as the Taoists were. In China, the Hongshan culture was really the place where they also had a reverence for sexual energy and used it for rejuvenation and healing. I tend to resonate more with the Taoist philosophy, it’s a little more methodical, it’s even scientific. I have a martial arts background and they use the term “sexual kung fu” to describe the conscious direction of sexual energy.  Learn more at

Men tend to resonate more with the Taoist school because it is more straightforward, with a very clear, practical application to it. But in the end, it’s really whatever language works for you and this happens to be the language that works for me. They were all going in the same direction that we want to use our sexual energy. We want to have increased pleasure through having sex, but there is a conscious, regenerative aspect to sexual energy that we had to be very aware of. This mirrored my own personal experiences where I found from the very beginning that sex got me high. My sexual experiences gave me a lot of energy; they put me in a place of feeling more like who I really am. I felt like I had this secret, “Yeah, sex can really do this for me,” and it wasn’t until I hit my early 20s that I read an article about Tantra and the way they described it was this really conscious movement of sexual energy between two people and these other aspects that I’ve described to you. I thought “Wow, this is fantastic, there’s actually some place where people talk about sex and I can learn more about it!” The rest is history! This ancient body of knowledge has been really instrumental in my sexual education because, unlike the Scientific Method, there is this beautiful oral history which has been preserved through cultures. There are some books that have compiled this knowledge together, there are still oral teachings, and people who still teach through this lineage. Since then, we have had a lot of censorship and blocking of sexual expression. It leads you to believe that people have never had this kind of lifestyle, where they were really openly sexual and that this is a normal, healthy part of day-to-day life and an intimate relationship. Back to the Taoists—they were really into this idea of consciously channeling their sexual energy and they went so far as to map out reflexology zones on the genitals. At this is the time they were pioneering whole body reflexology. According to them, the genital points are actually the most powerful; unfortunately you can’t normally go and see someone to do genital reflexology in a therapeutic setting. However, you can do that in the luxury and comfort of your own bedroom with your partner or by yourself.

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