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Acupressure for Lovers is designed primarily for romantically involved couples to use in privacy to develop their sacred sexuality and increase their intimacy. These acupressure point references and techniques are not intended to be used professionally by acupressurists, massage therapists, or other professional bodyworkers.

Even though the title, Acupressure for Lovers, seems to exclude all but intimate couples from participating in the use of this book, friends, coworkers, and even solitary individuals can also use many of the bodywork, acupressure, and stretching exercises in this book. You can learn new ways to reach out to others and offer touch in a safe, nonsexual, healing context.

Although you may read this book from cover to cover, you do not need to do so to derive benefit from it. It has been organized in a way that will help you become progressively more intimate and sexual with your mate, but you may also pick and choose from among the different chapters, as you would from a buffet that offers a variety of delicious courses and flavors, for developing intimacy in your relationship. Learn more at

For Couples

The healing touch of the acupressure techniques in this book can help you more fully appreciate and physically enjoy your own and your lover's body. The respectful, healing touch of the stretches, bodywork, and couples’ exercises can cultivate the friendship within your romantic relationship and also lead to mutually satisfying sexual.


Acupressure is an ancient healing system that was developed over several centuries by Chinese doctors who observed that muscular tension tends to concentrate around certain points in the body. Tension that accumulates and becomes chronic acts like a traffic jam and blocks the free circulation of energy through the body. This blockage sets the stage for stress disorders and sexual problems.

Acupressure releases muscular tension and eliminates the toxins held in the muscle tissue, thereby enabling energy and blood to flow freely. As blood circulation increases, oxygen and other nutrients can nourish more areas of the body, naturally heightening a person's sensuality. When the blood and energy are circulating properly, the person has a greater sense of responsiveness and vibrancy.

Using the same points known to be medically therapeutic, the Chinese people discovered many highly erotic techniques. For instance, exerting firm prolonged pressure into the small indentations

One of the secrets of successful body touching is to make contact from head to toe at as many points as you can. Touching in loving should not be static. Keep your hands flowing over your partner's body; your body 

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