Sunday, March 26, 2017

Accupressure for Intimacy

Every body and every area of the body will require a different amount of pressure. Some areas of the body tend to be sensitive, such as the calves, the backs of the knees, the face, and the genitals. Many people like deeper pressure in the areas of the back, buttocks, and neck. But start off gently.

The right amount of pressure will vary greatly depending upon how physically fit the person's body is. A healthy, more muscularly developed body will require more pressure. For a person who gets little daily exercise or tends to be sensitive, use a light touch instead. If a person has a medical condition, disease, or weakness, consult a qualified health professional who has experience in acupressure. For most such people, a light touch is safe and appropriate.

Generally, men's bodies tend to be more muscular than women’s and thus need deeper pressure. Since we often give what we want to receive, however, men typically massage women’s bodies firmly and deeply, the way men like to be massaged. A woman on the receiving end of this kind of treatment might think to herself, ”I can't wait until he stops gouging me, so I can show him what really feels good.” When she massages him, she may apply the pressure more gently and slowly, with sensitivity and care. Meanwhile, he'll be thinking, ”I wish she'd go deeper. Next time I work on her, I'll show her how to do it.” To avoid this common scenario, partners need to communicate clearly and express their particular needs. Learn more at and 

Explore innovative ways of holding each other’s points. To discover what your partner prefers, try light and then deeper ways of touching points. You may at first try steady pressure with your fingertips, then learn that your partner likes a repeated, staccatolike pressure or a slight circular movement. If your partner wants deeper pressure, you may try using your knuckles, or the whole palm of your hand. Learn more at

The stimulation of one point can send a healing message to other parts of the body, so that each acupressure point has different appli- cations for lovers. Pressing the points in the groin can not only increase genital pleasure and arousal but also increase circulation in the legs and thereby benefit cold feet. One point can act as a gateway to many parts of the body. Thus, in the following chapters you will find the same acupressure points used for a variety of purposes. Learn more at


Breathe Deeply

Breathing is the most important key to relieving aches and pains, tension, and anxiety. The way you breathe is a barometer of your mind and emotions, including your love relationship. When your breathing is shallow, you may easily become irritable, inaccessible, depressed, or fatigued. On the other hand, slow deep breathing can free the emotions necessary to deepen intimacy. Increasing the capacity of your breath—making it long, deep, and smooth—can provide an abundance of energy, greater clarity, and full awareness. You will feel better about yourself and your relationship.

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