Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You might be trigger-shy with Sex

If you did ejaculate a little or a lot no matter the amount check in to see how it makes you feel. Are you exhilarated? Emotional? Let down? Ecstatic? Proud? • It is also a good idea to smell your ejaculate so you can get acquainted with what it smells like and confirm that it isn’t urine. • Remember that while doing these exercises, follow your pleasure by continuing to do the things that are feeling really good to you.

Don’t have any set agenda plan or goal. If you go off on some wild sexual masturbation tangent that doesn’t necessarily involve working with the given exercises that is okay too. Or if you need to take baby steps and start basic for a while, give yourself permission to go at your own pace. It’s okay too to stop if something comes up. Continually keep checking in with yourself to find out what’s right for you. • Remember that your goal is to experience pleasure, to have a self-loving experience, and to get to know your body … not to ejaculate. “ I have found that I cannot ejaculate when I am with a partner who I don’t feel totally safe or comfortable with. I have mentioned to some guys that I have been known to squirt from time to time, and with some guys it feels like it’s their goal to make me ejaculate and then I feel pressure and performance anxiety whereas the guys that were sweet and happy if it happened or not were the ones I would ejaculate with. I had one partner who was like a cheerleader and said in a very sexy way, “give it to me baby” or “there you go- that’a girl!” “You got some more for me?” etc. that really got me going. Then there was this guy who I could not ejaculate with even if I wanted to who seemed rather frightened by the whole idea. I don’t think he would have enjoyed it and was more of a selfish lover anyways. Learn more at http://sugarsdropshop.com/but-i-dont-need-to-use-vigrx-plus-every-day/ and http://eastbaykerry.com/using-something-like-x4-labs.html/

It amazes me though how temperamental ejaculating really is--from partner to partner or different moods I’m in. I notice the common denominator really is feeling safe with my partner .” -A.S., El Cerrito, CA Chapter 8: Troubleshooting What if “ it” doesn’t happen? What did happen? Was it pleasurable? Did you learn something about your body? Just because you were notable to ejaculate does not mean you are inadequate in any way or “less than.” Practice, Patience, and Compassion are 3 valuable words when learning anything new let alone female ejaculation. I get the “ pee” feeling, but nothing happens

You might be trigger-shy- meaning that it might be hard for you to let it go. You might also be blocking the urethral opening and therefore not ejaculating because of that. Try to push out as well as using more pressure to stimulate your G-Spot. A great exercise is to try vigorously rubbing and tapping the urethral opening when you are very aroused as this helps the urethra overcome its shyness and release the ejaculate. I am worried about practicing this in front of my partner Most of this ebook is geared towards solo exercises because the more comfortable you get with yourself, the more equipped you are to work with a partner. If you are not comfortable with your partner, check in with yourself to understand why. Are these insecurities within yourself or does your partner have issues that have you feeling more inhibited? To enhance intimacy and create more of a safe space with your partner, practice taking some time to check in with one another such as gazing into each other’s eyes, talking about your intentions, fears, and desires, and touching each other’s hearts. Taking the time to connect and express what you need and anything that might be coming up for you can help you create a safe space in which to explore and feel uninhibited. My G-Spot feels numb and weird when I stimulate it I recommend continuing to stimulate it in tandem with your clit. See how it feels to stimulate it once you are juiced up and aroused vs. when you are not very turned on. The more attention you give it while experimenting with different types of stimulation and toys will help you sensitize it and eventually experience pleasure instead of numbness.

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