Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cum Hither

One of the best ways to stimulate the G-Spot is the “come hither’ approach. Since you now know that behind the urethral sponge, is the most sensitive and pleasurable part of the G-Spot, then stimulating it with the “come-hither” motion, is most effective in building up the ejaculate as well as building up orgasmic sensation. By doing this you are essentially milking the G-Spot by getting her nice and engorged, erect, and filled with fluid. Start by taking two fingers--one to start, and stimulating from behind the sponge forward with firm pressure. Do this over and over again with variations of speed and pressure. Notice how engorged your G-Spot gets when you do this. You might even hear the ejaculate slushing around. I recommend starting off with lighter pressure and increasing it as much as possible as you get more and more aroused. You might also want to start out with slow, luscious “cum hither” motions while letting your pussy be your guide. Trust your instincts and explore as much as you can with stimulation. Incorporating the front of the Sponge Once you’ve got your G-Spot nice and juiced up, complete with slushing sounds of the ejaculate, you will know that you are off to a great start. Perhaps it might be time to incorporate the urethra or the front of the urethral sponge as I had mentioned earlier. Learn more at http://tonganfishers.org/you-have-to-stop-vigrx-plus-supplements/ and http://anselandthegreattree.com/2017/01/21/alpha-male-supplements/

This is a very sensitive part of the G-Spot, and running your finger near the opening of the vaginal canal in combination with the deep firm pressure and “come hither’ motion is a great way to really get your juices flowing. Near the entrance of the vaginal canal is where your urethra is, and nowise an opportunity to explore this yummy area. You might feel as you are rubbing your urethra that you have to pee or that you might accidentally pee. This is a normal sensation, and over time you will associate it with ejaculating. See how the front of your urethral sponge feels when you rub it (gently at first) and then alternate with deeper and firm pressure behind the sponge with the “come hither” motion. You can also try taking the flat of your hand and tapping or lightly slapping the urethral opening. This might sound painful, but note that you are not doing it hard and you can control how hard you are tapping or slapping. There is something about this motion that gets the ejaculate to squirt forth. But--there are some other vital components to actually ejaculating and orgasming that I will share with you below. Don’t Forget the Clit While all of this G-Spot exploration is happening, I highly recommend simultaneously stimulating your clit. It’s important in the beginning to understand the sensations in your G-Spot without other types of stimulation so you can really feel what’s happening there. The more you can focus your energy on the G- Spot sensations, the more you can really understand and sensitize that area.

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