Sunday, February 12, 2017

Common Benefits of Male Enhancement Supplements

Vigrx Plus is a powerful supplement that is easy to use and will boost your performance.

How To Prepare Vigrx Plus

The interesting thing is it develops a flavor over time. Keep it in the fridge. If you leave it outside it will stop building up gas, because of the carbon dioxide being produced further. Some people like that. That's pretty much it. So it's water, salt, beets, and time.

Tell us some of the benefits of this drink.

So, first of all, it's fermented. So you're supporting your estrobolome, we mentioned earlier. One more thing you can actually add to the drink to make it even stronger, in terms of probiotics, is a ferment starter. I love to use the Body Ecology veggie starter, they call it. What it does is it inoculates the drink with even more beneficial probiotics.

We have bacteria everywhere around us, including when you are buying good, quality beets, like organic beets. On the skin, in the air, on our hands, we’ve got bacteria all over. We are just creating an environment where they can grow. So the probiotics is one thing. The second thing is beets are really great. In Chinese medicine, and I believe that's your domain as well, is that liver is the organ of anger. So people who carry a lot of anger, which I had unresolved stuff from the past I was carrying with me, stuff that happened many years ago with my parents, and I was storing a lot of that in my liver. Letting go of all of that, and doing an actual proper detox on the liver really just felt like it moved everything not just physically but emotionally. For our hormones, the liver is really keen. Well, the first one is definitely going back to the beet drink. The liver loves beets. But we don't want to overdo it either, because it is high in oxalates. So we want to be mixing it up with other foods. Anything bitter will stimulate the bile and is very beneficial for the liver. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at and

Yeah. I want to leave your listeners, Bridgit, with a sense of hope that your hormones can be rebalanced with making lifestyle choices, even in spite of the fact that we've been conditioned that we can only rebalance our hormones with pills and patches and creams or that nothing can be done about it.

I don't know about you, but before I got into this work I always thought that when you have hormones, you go on birth control pills or you just are labeled crazy and that's just the way it is. It's just this out of control condition, and it's not. It absolutely isn't. I feel like even if you are dealing with a lot of hormonal conditions, it's an opportunity to really learn to listen to your body and discover yourself like you have never discovered before. See it as an opportunity to really discover something so much bigger and better. It's possible.

That's really beautiful. Yeah, it's hard to make changes. You feel like, oh, I've had this forever. But just leave yourself that glimmer of hope that this can be different and it will inspire you to make that beet kvass, right? Make beet kvass for the first time. Great, thank you so much, Magdalena.

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