Friday, October 14, 2016

Your penis size varies minute to minute

I do it as part of my nightly ritual, you could do it in the morning, after the gym, before the gym, whatever. One thing I will note is not to have sex before. Have sex after you do it, if you’re going to be having sex that day. Should you take days off? What you’ll find is once in a while, life gets in the way and you miss a day. That’s OK. I think if you are hitting your sessions 90% of the time, so on average 27 out of every 30 days, you’re perfect. Aim for that instead of all 30 days because your dick does need a little bit of a break every once in a while. And if you start missing more than 10-20% of your sessions, then you are definitely fucking up and need to be reminded of why life is so much better with a HUGE DICK and just how simple I’ve made it for you. For that re-motivation, just read the first couple chapters of this book or look on any major porn site to see if you notice any girls screaming and having multiple orgasms for average sized cocks. How often should I be measuring? Look man, I get it. You want to be measuring it everyday, to find out every single time you’ve gained 1/100 of an inch. Learn about penis extenders at and

Unfortunately, you can’t. Your penis size varies minute to minute, even your erection size, so for measuring - do it ONCE every 6 weeks. No more, no less. Trust your savior Moses on this one. Measuring once every 6 weeks is ideal on this because it ensures enough time between measurements for growth, so when you do measure it, it’s bigger than last time. This makes you excited and even more committed to the plan, and a huge dick. I will say that about 10% of clients will do this, and see no change after those 6 weeks. Then they get concerned. I understand, If you happen to fall into this small minority, you must take 3-5 days off from all training, then you can measure again. Your penis was just a little tired and needed a little more recovery time, and during those 3 days, will “super compensate” in growth. Are there any special supplements or diet to go with it? As I write you this now, no. I’m constantly testing different stuff to see if anything actually works or makes a difference but none have yet. I assure you though, eating a really good, clean diet will make a solid difference in the speed of your gains. I advise you eat Paleo-style and refer you to this resource for more on that.

Chapter 5 Your Huge Dick Forecast How long do I follow it for? You will follow the Average Penis Cure Plan for as long as you want. One of my favorite personal development teachers used to ask success-focused individuals: “How long will you work to make your dreams real?” …I advise you to answer, “As long as it takes.” You know the plan works, you know we’ve burned all the hay and found you the diamond. All you have to do is just follow it exactly until you hit your desired penis size. Once you hit that, then you’d simply follow the Permanent Gains plan below to keep your gains long-term. Don’t you like how the question that has plagued mankind for centuries can be answered by the simplest of plans? How soon will I see results? Here’s how it generally works for most guys: They “sense” a difference within the first 3-7 days.

They notice they have better boners, more often. Then after about 3 weeks, some guys can visibly notice their boners are getting bigger and this gets them all excited - just seeing those initial results can fuel a guy all the way to his finish line. But for other guys, it can take longer so don’t be discouraged if it works that way. Getting discouraged is for pussies without a proven plan. You’re a badass, and you have a proven plan so trust the plan and stick to it daily if you happen to fall into the second category. You’ll likely see a solid gain at your first measuring 6 weeks in, and then every 6th week after that. But far more importantly, you’ll notice HUGE results after 6 months. Or 12 months, and so on. Don’t play the short game. Short game is for boys. Grow your dick like Warren Buffet grows his net worth…LONG-TERM FOCUS, and not getting distracted by short-term forecasts. It’s what a man does. Do the gains last forever? No, not if you stop. Because the gains happen so quickly and predictably with the Average Penis Cure Plan, if you just stop…your gains will go away.

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