Sunday, October 30, 2016

Yin and Yang in the Bedroom with Arize

The beliefs you identified in the previous practice may have served you in some superficial way in the past (remember, secondary gains). Maybe they gave you an excuse not to be vulnerable, not to face things that you haven’t dealt with or not to express emotions you’ve suppressed. So what you want to do instead is find empowering and sustainable ways to fulfill your needs.

But there is a part of you that holds on to the ‘story’ and, therefore, sabotages your happiness and growth. Author Steven Pressfield calls this ‘the resistance.’ So let’s work with your resistance for a moment.

1. Become aware of your resistance towards trying something, doing something or sharing something. Be aware of the voice in your head that might tell you, ‘I don’t want to masturbate’ or ‘I don’t want to go out and meet people’ or ‘I don’t want to make love with my partner.’

2. Notice how this resistance can stop you from being who you really are. Do you sometimes know what you need to do but don’t do it? Do you sometimes do something you know is not good for you?

3. The resistance is afraid of change. The resistance tries to keep you small and disempowered so you don’t have to deal with stepping into your greatness. Identify the resistance as something which isn’t you, isn’t the real you. Dis-identify with the resistance and it will be easier not to listen to it. Instead of running away to food, Facebook, work, television, sleep or even friends – stay with the resistance without fighting it.

4. Then, allow yourself to take small steps, even tiny steps, towards the thing that you are resisting. If the resistance is telling you not to masturbate, put your hand on your yoni for a few minutes. If the resistance is telling you that you need to eat that cake to feel good, wait a few minutes before eating it.

5. Learn to recognize resistance again and again, whenever you notice your mind affirming your limiting beliefs. Don’t fight your mind, just recognize the beliefs as illusions and take steps towards challenging them. Although this might seem like an exercise of the mind, notice what emotions and even bodily responses it brings up within you.

6. Find one action you can take today to demonstrate you are ready for a new belief.

The resistance is what’s stopping you from being your full, orgasmic and happy self. So make a commitment to notice the stories and face the resistance – it will enable you to fully become your true self!

Embodiment practice – What’s the worst-case scenario?

Issues or challenges that you don’t deal with can become worse as time goes by, and they might start to affect other areas of your life too. Most people use positive thinking to shield themselves from the pain and the severity of a challenging situation. However, this is a delusion and an escape mechanism. To develop a strong impetus to change, you need to be aware of the pain that staying the same will bring. This also allows you to visualize the immense pleasure that taking action and changing your ways may result in.  Learn about Semenax at  Learn about Arize male enhancement pills.
Think about the stories and tendencies that you recognized earlier. How have they affected your life? How have they affected your sex life and your orgasmic experience? How have they affected your current relationship, your family life, health, wealth, friendships and fulfillment in life? How have they stopped you from doing what you want and love?

We are going to explore the worst-case scenario in this practice and then explore the best-case scenario.

1. In ten years, what will your life look like if your problems and beliefs stay the same or get worse? This is not the time for positive thinking or optimism. You really need to have a glimpse of how bad things could get. Assume the worst.

2. How will your sexual issues affect your relationship, family life, happiness, fulfillment, health, studies, career, creativity, friendships, personal and spiritual growth?

How will you look and feel?

Will you have a partner? What kind of a man will he be? What will your relationship be like? Will you have kids? What will your relationship with your kids look life?

What will you be doing as a career and how will you feel in your job or business? Will you be financially independent? What kind of house will you be living in?

What will you be doing in your free time? Who will your friends be? What would they say about you?

What will your health be like?

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