Saturday, October 29, 2016

X4 Labs and Vacuum Pumps for Fun

Extender and pumps have been use by men for ages to boost size and girth. The purpose of this presentation is to convey information about male enhancement products.  And we are in the mind, body day of the overall summit. I am absolutely thrilled to have today as part of The Evolution of Male Enhancement Summit .

I've actually seen it in some places here in America, as well. But Lynne has been an activist and a leader in the field of integrative and alternative medicine over the last few decades and is now playing in a role in this integration and this evolution of medicine that we're all being a part of. Thanks so much for being on the summit, Lynne. It's such a pleasure to have you here. It's my delight to be here, too. J ames: This is such a thrill for me because your books were in my household growing up. And my parents were a big fan of it. So I had an opportunity to be given these sort of ideas at a young age.  Learn about Vigrx Plus.

And I really appreciate all the work that you've done in this field of penis extends and vacuum pumps. And I feel like we're evolving as a medical system towards some of the ideas in there. So I guess where I wanted to start if we look at the ways that we are having success at actually reversing and preventing chronic disease, if we look at those people who have really been successful at it there's always some element of community to it.

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But I want to just sort of tacks now and talk a little bit about what it's going to take for us either in the UK, in America—because I think there's very similar forces at work—for us to actually be able to get to this more evolved medicine. Because it seems like for me especially in America this is ready for prime time. This is happening with herbal male enhancement drugs. But there are certainly forces that are potentially getting in the way of us as consumers of healthcare and as purveyors of healthcare, of getting to that more evolved system because obviously it's an extremely profitable system right now. Can you just give us a lay of the land of where things are on your side of the channel? And maybe just talk a little bit about what some of the blockages are that are stopping us from getting to an evolved medical system. And then maybe we can talk a little bit about what each of us can do to change that. Lynne: Okay, there is as you correctly identified there's a lot of money at stake here. The pharmaceutical industry is seeing the writing on the wall that people are [inaudible] the drug-based approach and they're wanting other things.

They're wanting integrative medicine. They want to use a lot of approaches. Over here in the UK—and this will also affect America—Brussels—because, of course, the UK is part of the European union—Brussels basically runs and dictates many of the laws for trade that the UK has to abide by. And there was a very political, very industry backed campaign to limit vitamins, to limit herbal medicine, to limit a number of super foods, all those kinds of instruments of holistic health. There are laws afoot that will be severely limiting vitamins to low doses if these all go through. Now, the laws have been passed. They just haven't decided on the safe upper limits. But we have been working with a number of organizations that have been challenging this legally and have been inside Brussels quite a bit. So we are party to a lot of what's going on and it's been a very political…There have been a lot of political industry-lead maneuvers in order to make it a very level playing field to give the big pharma a chance to sell cheap, low-dose vitamins, as opposed to the small innovative companies who have the real therapeutic vitamins. So that's a big threat here. The UK also being a small country is party to a number of industry lead forces and little organizations that have had an untoward impact on trying to limit integrative medicine.  You may also consider a quality penis extender.

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