Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tips For Better Sex and Intimacy

Much like the basic squeeze, you could do repetitions of the other kinds of vaginal exercises as a part of your practice, such as the push and the pull. Commit to doing vaginal exercises every day and on every occasion you have time, such as in traffic jams and boring meetings. Rather than seeing this as homework or a duty, know that it is a simple way to feel and connect to your yoni wherever you are.

If you have a partner, you can do some of these exercises while you’re making love and notice the effects. As a man, it feels like my partner is kissing me with her yoni when she is squeezing. It feels amazing!

However, even though these exercises are great for both pleasure and health, make sure that you also allow yourself to completely relax your muscles as you self-pleasure or have sex. This goes for all techniques and practices that we’ve explored. Practice them and experiment with them, but also allow yourself to completely drop them from time to time, and simply explore sex and pleasure without trying to do anything.

Gradually, the activation of your yoni muscles will become automatic and you won’t have to think about it. These exercises will help you to have more sensation in your yoni, experience more pleasure and orgasm, and can even affect other aspects of your life such as your physical and emotional health. Due to its many benefits, this is an important practice. So make sure you dedicate the time and attention for it every day, and witness how your pleasure and orgasm are unleashed in mind-blowing experiences! Learn more about male supplements at and 

How jade eggs can help

One of the best ways to practice and strengthen your vaginal muscles is to use a yoni egg or a jade egg. I highly recommend using eggs that are made of pure jade because this has a neutral effect on your yoni. Stay away from crystal or other materials.

Jade eggs are egg-shaped pieces of pure jade that you insert into your yoni and can move around with your muscles. Your egg should have a hole drilled through it so you can attach a piece of string and pull it out easily. Your jade egg should come with a booklet or a video that explains how to care for it and the different exercises and practices you can do with it.

You could also wear a jade egg throughout the day – just make sure that you wear underwear though. Otherwise, if you laugh or cough, you might accidentally ‘lay an egg’ and have it roll away on the floor. This actually happened to my partner once!

After a few weeks of basic jade egg practice, you can begin more advanced exercises where you attach a small weight to your egg and then squeeze your muscles so strongly that the egg stays in place. You can even try to pull the egg deeper into your body with your muscles so that you lift the weight. ‘Look ma! No hands!’ This is truly vaginal weightlifting. Believe it or not, there are world records for the heaviest weight a woman can hold with her vaginal muscles.

Wearing your jade egg and doing the recommended practices daily can complement or even replace the vaginal fitness exercises we explored earlier. Aside from vaginal exercises and jade egg practices, you could also attend Pilates or Vinyasa flow classes, given that they place a lot of emphasis on your pelvic floor muscles.

When you set out to increase your pussy power with these practices, you will soon notice a deeper connection with your yoni, more pleasure throughout your body, new kinds of orgasm and a deeper sense of personal power, as well as feeling more feminine and sensual. The importance of connecting with your vagina is central to your orgasmic experience.

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