Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Arabic Jelq Method

The Sudanese Arabs possess some of the largest penises in the world.  Although born with average-sized phalli, from the onset of adolescence, the males are limited onto an age-old practice passed on from father to son. Around age 8, the father instructs his son to grasp the root of the penis with thumb and forefinger and stroke from the bottom to the top to initiate the lengthening process. The youth is encourages to do this for 30 minutes each day, taking special precautions not to ejaculate. If the boy senses that orgasm is quickly approaching, he stops, waits for the sensation to subside, then resumes the procedure.

In more affluent families, the father may send his son to a “mehbil”, the Arabic equivalent of our athletic club. A highly-trained attendant administers to the boy, performing the “jelq” on a daily basis. The boy is stripped and vigorously massaged with a pungent patchouli-scented oil. His penis is then skillfully manipulated with a “milking” motion by the attendant. The boy is instructed not to ejaculate. When the attendant senses that the boy is reaching ejaculatory inevitability, the message is halted, and then resumed. Orgasm is approached (but not completed) six or seven times each session. Holding back is an exercises in restraint which instills a sense of self-control in his marital relations. More importantly, though, the massage stimulates circulation in the genitalia and the increased blood supply is momentarily trapped in the corpora cavernose.

Over a period of months, the blood spaces in the penis are gradually enlarged through repeated and sustained vascular dilation and become capable of accepting more blood. The Sudanese Arabs know this is particularly effective when the procedure is initiated in puberty, just when the youth’s penis is beginning to grow. These exercises can truly encourage growth far beyond that which the penis normally would have attained. Had each of us initiated such a program during adolescence, no doubt we would all be hung like horses.

Although this method works best on young men who have not yet reached their full phallic development, it works on adults as well. A few years ago, a gay magazine ran a story about a body builder who was self-conscious about his small penis. His trainer was an Arab who had previously worked as a mehbil. The body builder was able to truly develop a mammoth penis, measuring some 11” in length. As I have not seen before and after photos of this man, I cannot vouch for its authenticity. Learn more at and

The photo he submitted shows a truly impressive member. Unfortunately, it is a polaroid and didn’t reproduce well enough to include in this book. He claims to have started with an organ measuring 6 ½” in length by 4 ¾” in girth and ending at 7 ½” by 5 ½”. In a more recent follow-up letter he added more details about his procedure. Learn about stronger and longer orgasms.

He explains that the procedure involves a concerted “milking” of the shaft to increase the engorgement of the shaft. The penis should not be completely erect. When the man feels that he is approaching orgasm, he backs off, and only resumes when the feeling of ejaculatory inevitability subsides. This masturbatory exercise is continued for at least 30  minutes a day, and orgasm is allowed only after ejaculation has been approached 6-7 times. Check out the X4 Labs extender

In 1994, I received a letter from a reader in Oregon who learned “jelq” from his family. “Peter” was born in the Azores – a collection of volcanic islands in the North Atlantic that belong to Portugal.  When he was 11 or 12, shortly before emigrating to the U.S., his paternal grandfather entered his bedroom and instructed him in the art of phallic massage which he claimed would help strengthen and elongate the penis. He didn’t have a name for the procedure, but said that he learned it from his own grandfather, who was Moroccan. Every male in his family learned this penile massage, and most of the men engaged in it on a daily basis. “Peter” provided me with distinct and specific details on the execution of the 3-4 exercises involved. They corresponded nearly identically to the exercises described previously.

Conclusion: The heart of Jelq involves a prolonged masturbation using slow and deliberate hand-over-hand milking motions to increase the amount of blood to the penis. Another component involves massaging the perineum where the “cura” or root or the penis is located (between the scrotum and the anus). Although it is usually initiated in childhood in Middle Eastern countries, adult men may find success with it as well, however, a minimum of a year is required to see real results.

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