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So where do you touch? Everywhere! Whole-body arousal is what leads to whole-body orgasm. Although it’s good to focus on one area or one kind of touch, it’s also important to bring touch, sensation and pleasure to your entire body. For example, you can explore internal stimulation with one hand and use your other hand to caress, knead, pinch and touch the rest of your body. Allowing your hips to move and undulate also helps to engage your whole body. The more areas you arouse in your body, the more pleasure you will experience.

It’s true that there are women who prefer intense or genital-focused touch without much of a warm-up. Some women can get aroused with hardly any foreplay, love-play, whole-body touch or preparation. But even these women can enjoy and appreciate a more gradual approach and whole-body touch every once in a while as a part of their range.

Also remember to touch your own body – all of it – throughout the day, when you make love and specifically when you self-pleasure. Explore new ways of touching your body. Learn more at and

Use steady stimulation

Pleasure and orgasm come from steady and consistent stimulation of the same area. One of the reasons that women experience clitoral orgasms (apart from the ultra sensitivity of the clitoris) is that they focus on one spot for a given length of time. One of the reasons women have difficulty experiencing non-clitoral orgasms is that they don’t build their pleasure long enough in one place. I’ve often noticed women begin to experience some pleasure in a part of their body and then suddenly change what they were doing. Maybe they touch another place or move in a different way. The pleasure they were just experiencing decreases and has to be built all over again.

This can happen when you receive touch as well. Assuming your partner touches you in a way that facilitates deep and meaningful pleasure, encourage your lover to focus on one kind of touch for at least a few minutes at a time so that your pleasure has time to build. The same goes for self-pleasure – experiment with different techniques and all kinds of touch for long enough to see if it leads to pleasure. Then when it does, keep doing that for as long as you can. In time, you will develop an intuition for when to focus on one place or technique and when to change frequently in natural flow.

Accumulate your pleasure and embrace the intensity

Your orgasm is an experience of pleasure and energy. The more pleasure you generate and accumulate, the stronger and longer your orgasmic state will be. This is why explosive clitoral orgasms are not serving you– you lose some of your built-up sexual energy. It’s also why it’s good to build the pleasure and energy in one area for a while.

Most women and men release their sexual energy because they don’t know how to handle it. It might feel like it’s ‘too much.’ But allowing yourself to accumulate and contain this intense energy will cause you to experience stronger orgasms with less effort. Accumulating your sexual energy will also help you accumulate and contain energy in your daily life – creative energy, leadership energy, financial energy and spiritual energy.

Orgasm is the accumulation of pleasure, not the release of pleasure.

Learn how to embrace and contain the intensity of your experience. You can explore this intensity with your breath, sounds, movements and touch. The stronger, faster and deeper you are able to breathe, make sounds, move and touch yourself – the stronger, deeper and longer your orgasms can be. Try to relax into the intensity without needing to understand it or control it.

Step into the unknown

Many women stop themselves on the verge of orgasm because they feel they are about to lose control. As if they are about to face something they can’t handle or something unknown. They may fear that they won’t be able to handle the intensity of the pleasure, sensations, energy or emotions. Or they might feel that they are about to faint or lose consciousness. In a personal example, my lover lost control over her body during sex once. And then she couldn’t see anything. She felt like she was choking and thought she was going to die. But after a few moments, she had a huge emotional release and the intensity passed. She didn’t experience this phenomenon anymore and, instead, was able to experience more sexual pleasure.

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