Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stamina RX is a powerful Male Supplement

Stamina RX is a powerful male supplement . The pleasure range and orgasmic potential of women is immense. Some orgasms are focused in the genital area and last a few seconds while other deeper orgasms are felt throughout the body and can last for many minutes. Women can stay in a state of orgasm for a few minutes, half an hour or even longer – and sometimes without physical stimulation. Some women go into a state of trance, forgetting who they are and where they are, and going beyond the physical body into experiences of pure presence and bliss. The after-effects of orgasm can be felt for hours, days and sometimes weeks.

Orgasm can be experienced from nearly every part of your body. One woman might orgasm when her Achilles heel is massaged and another woman from a hand pressing on her lower belly. Others may orgasm when their ears or breasts are licked. Some women orgasm the moment they are penetrated and others by simply contracting their vaginal muscles. There are women who can orgasm with no physical stimulation at all, just by focusing their awareness on their sexual energy. And some women don’t experience an actual orgasm at all, but rather go into a state of bliss during the sexual experience.

So, how do you experience orgasm?

Let’s start unleashing your orgasm by changing the way you understand and experience pleasure.

Every pleasurable sensation is actually…

Think back to some of your best masturbation or lovemaking experiences. Maybe it was when your lover held you, touched your nipples or when he kissed and licked your yoni. And whether you orgasmed or not, you probably experienced the sensation of pleasure.

Your pleasure could have manifested in various ways: sensations or contractions in your yoni; gentle convulsions or small, involuntary body movements; jerking, throbbing or pulsating sensations; shivers or goose bumps; tingling; electric currents; heat; energy going up your spine or throughout your body; joy; or perhaps another strong emotion you felt as a sensation in your body.

When you were aware of the sensations you experienced, even for a brief moment, there was less mind activity and chatter. You were probably more connected to your body and more present in that moment. Perhaps you started to relax, let go and surrender into the pleasure. Maybe you momentarily dissolved into the sensation, or had a shift in consciousness. As if, for a split second, you forgot where you were and what was going on, and instead simply stayed present with the pleasure sensations. Learn about the power of Stamina RX at and

So the next time you have a sexual experience, connect to the pleasure you experience instead of worrying if you do or don’t have an orgasm. The intensity of those pleasurable sensations might be light, but in quality every pleasurable sensation can be orgasmic.

Every pleasurable sensation is a mini-orgasm.

You might be asking yourself, ‘Was that really an orgasm or was it just pleasure?’ But when you perceive these sensations, these waves of pleasure, as ‘just pleasure,’ they will remain that – just pleasure. By giving meaning and importance to something, it can grow, expand and improve.

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