Friday, October 14, 2016

Permanent Gains with Penis Enlargement

This is why we follow the Permanent Gains plan below. The Permanent Gains Plan: After you’ve reached your desired penis size, you follow this plan to make your gains permanent. And like everything else I do, it’s simple and it works. You can either: Do “The Stretch” for 15 minutes/day, followed by 2-5 minutes of “The Squeeze”. OR… Do “The Stretch” for 25 minutes, 3 day/week followed by 2-5 minutes of “The Squeeze”. And then, all you have to do is measure your dick every 4-6 weeks to make sure everything is all good. If you’ve fallen off your permanent plan and you lose a little bit, just go back to the main Average Penis Cure Plan, and you’ll be all good again, in no time flat. Should I be “warming up” and “cooling down” before and after the 30-minute workout? A lot of penis gurus out there will tell you to never do a workout without warming up first or cooling down after, or else you’ll a dick injury. Personally, I’ve tried it both ways and I’ve never noticed a difference.

Maybe I start “The Stretch” nice and easy for the first couple minutes before really getting into it and that counts as a warm-up, but that’s it. However, since thousands of guys will be using this program and I don’t want a bunch of injured penises roaming around, I’ll advise you here to do as I say, and not as I do, and say YES, just warm up before. This means putting a hot cloth on your dick for 5 minutes, then starting the day’s workout. I, of course, cannot make you do anything (hint-hint) so this is, as everything else advised in this book, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Is there a limit to the amount of gains I can make with this Plan? Yep. You will not be able to hit a two-foot cock. Sorry. Truthfully, I don’t know the limits of this. I’m just a guy who figured out how to make his penis bigger and was then cajoled into sharing it publicly. I do know one guy who took it past 10.5 inches, but he’s crazy-dedicated. Should I be working on my PC muscle too? What do you recommend I do? Yeah, you should. Learn more at and

The PC muscle is the hammock-shaped muscle you use to stop a piss mid- stream. You can feel it pulling up, underneath the bottom of your dick and before your asshole. When it’s strong, your boners are better, your orgasms feel bigger and your ejaculate can fly further. I usually just flex it and hold for 10-60 seconds randomly throughout the day, maybe 5 or 10 sets total a day. Simple and it works. No need to complicate things. What size do girls prefer the most? My experience has taught me that most girls best like a penis that measures between 7.5 - 8.5 inches in bone-pressed length, and 5.75 - 6.75 inches in girth. You can also see this “Ideal Penis Size Chart” to get an idea of what one study found in terms of penis size most preferred by the average female. Bottom line though, even if “it’s not the size of the boat but the motion”….you can’t argue that a HUGE boat that also knows how to use it won’t be better than an average-sized penis with the same skills. All things equal, when it comes to penises, bigger is better. I mean buddy, like I said, I have girls ORGASMING on the first pump now.

One stroke, and they’re already rolling into orgasm heaven. I could never do that with an average-sized penis. It’s perfectly normally to want a huge cock, and you deserve one.

Dynamic FAQ What do you say about using equipment like the BathMate or a penis stretcher? Like I said before, the bathmate hurt my dick and the gains didn’t at all last. And the penis stretcher was crazy confusing. They wanted me to wear that thing for like 6 hours a day to get results. Forget that. You’ll get way more out of a good 30-minute Average Penis Cure Plan daily, than any of that stuff. Simplest is still best. Got a question? Mail it to and not only will it get answered within 24-48 hours, but if it’s good, we’ll even add it to this FAQ section for all the other future big dicks of the world to read for themselves. Now start the plan RIGHT NOW, and represent Team Huge Dick proudly. All the best. Your savior, -Moses

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