Sunday, October 30, 2016

Oral Sex and Power Play

Write your very worst-case scenario down in detail. As hard and awful as this might feel, really go into it. Suspend your positive thinking. Assume the worst. Assume every problem and issue you have now will get much worse.

3. Now, notice that some of your worst-case scenario is already somewhat true now. This is proof that your worst-case scenario might actually happen.

4. Allow yourself to feel the pain and suffering associated with this possibility. Feel the pain that you will feel if you actually live your worst-case scenario. What do you feel? How does it feel in your body? Write that in your orgasmic diary.

5. Before you continue to the next practice, take a few minuets to dissolve the strong and heavy energy of the worst-case scenario. Jump and shake for a few minutes. Take a shower. Take a walk outside and get some fresh air.

In order to change, it’s important to start recognizing how your past thinking and actions have affected you and could continue to worsen if you do nothing about them. Allow yourself to feel the pain that your limiting beliefs have caused you. This will make it easier for you to take action and change your ways where it will serve you better to do so.

Embodiment practice - Creating the best-case scenario

Now that you have explored the worst things that could happen and felt the pain of this, let’s have a look at the other side of the coin – the best things that could happen if you are prepared to take action.

Now is the time for some positive visualization!

1. In ten years time, what will your life look like if you are able to change your limiting beliefs and unhelpful tendencies? What will happen when you solve your problems or overcome your challenges? Positive thinking time! Don’t limit the possibilities here. Allow yourself to create the ideal best-case scenario for your life. Allow yourself to wish for the best for yourself. Go for it!

2. How will the very-best-case scenario affect your relationship, family life, happiness, fulfillment, health, studies, career, creativity, friendships, personal and spiritual growth?

3. Close your eyes and take time to build a scenario. See a clear picture of the best future that you could possibly have. Then open your eyes and write it down in detail. Learn more at

4. Notice how you are feeling about this possible future. Allow yourself to express your feelings through your face and body. Throw your hands in the air and shout, ‘YES! I deserve to live the best life!’

5. Now, on a scale of one to ten (with ten being the most committed), how committed are you to making some changes? How inspired are you to make sure you don’t end up in the worst-case scenario and, instead, manifest or even exceed your best-case scenario?

If you aren’t feeling committed to change at the end of this practice, maybe you are not fully aware of the effects that your sexuality has on your whole life. Perhaps you think you don’t have the time, ability, resources or support to be able to change. It’s hard to feel committed to something that you regard as impossible.

This practice assumes that everything is possible – and freeing yourself of limitations is what actually opens up all of these possibilities. I’ve seen women with horrible histories of abuse who have managed to transform their lives and become more feminine, sexual and orgasmic. They have been able to begin having fun sexually as well as develop meaningful relationships with strong, conscious men. This is possible for you too. If you still don’t feel totally committed to do everything you can to create the necessary changes in your life, may I suggest that you re-do the worst case scenario practice and this time really allow yourself to consider the worst, then re-do the best case scenario practice and allow yourself to specify what is it you really yearn for.

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