Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Niacinamide and Male Supplements

Yeah, you'd be dead, so it's better to have them this way. Niacinamide is another one. Niacinamide is that vitamin B3. It's a vitamin... People call it in some places nicotinamide, or nicotinic acid, or niacin, but the niacinamide is a no flesh version. It's a lot of better and improved qualities in the body than the plain niacin. It's very inexpensive. What I do, Heather, is I buy these by the bag. I buy bags of all of these. The only one that I haven't found in a bag is calcium—d—g|ucarate. I have to buy capsules for that and dim, but the other ones I always buy just a bag and they're so cheap. You just mix up a little bit of it and drink it every day. It's all you have to do. Learn more about male enhancement supplements at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/

Can you buy your aspirin in a bag? No, I don't do that. Actually, I do. I buy, it's for horses and animals, veterinary aspirin. It's 10 dollars a pound. It's a powdered aspirin, so it works really well. It does come in a container, not a bag to be technical about it. The other ones actually come in a bag. Niacinamide really helps raise testosterone, lowers blood sugar also. You want to make sure you take it with food. That is the protocol for estrogen blocking, which is incredibly effective actually. Once you do that, you have this stuff going for you. You're going to find; you're going to get a much higher sex drive, morning erections again. Fantastic, because you're really keeping the prolactin and the cortisol and the estrogen levels down. All these things we've talked about. Well, that's great news.

Yeah. Then there's another protocol. Iodine raises testosterone. You get Lugol solution, either 2% or 5% and put a little oil, a drop of oil on your scrotum. Then apply one drop of Lugol oil on the oil. The oil protects your scrotum against irritation. You can also put one drop, up to three times a day in... Make sure you drink water, orjuice, because iodine... Lugol solution is a safe form of iodine, but you want to build it up to it, to maybe three drops ultimately a day in water, and it will help your testosterone levels a lot. Did you know iodine like that raises testosterone? No, I didn't know. That's helpful. Such an easy solution.

That's why we've had such good results with guys, with it over the last few years. Also, when you apply it to the scrotum, it goes into the prostate and into the testes, and there's usually a very low amount of iodine there, and that's one of the places iodine is most useful. The other being the thyroid gland. I'm not a fan of 50, 100 milligrams of iodine, but small amounts of iodine... This isn't that small. These seem to be very useful in studies and the ones with guys that we work with.

I want to talk about prolactin. You can get a blood test for prolactin. A lot of guys are high in prolactin. They don't have a tumor. You can get high prolactin levels from a tumor in the pituitary. Most men have high prolactin because they have high estrogen.

High estrogen creates high prolactin. When you lower your prolactin, you're much hornier. You want to lower that. One way of doing it is cyproheptadine. Have you heard of cyproheptadine? I don't think I have ever heard of cyproheptadine, no.

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