Sunday, October 30, 2016

Magna RX Pills for Prostate

One thing that I am trying to beat is blowing my load to quickly with or without a condom when going HAM. I want to be able to at least go for a solid minute so I can bring women to orgasm(and feel good about myself as a result) Does the sex god method have a section on this? You can train yourself with mastrubation - and girl with the "stop-start technique".  Every time you mastrubate, you do it untiil you -almost- come. Then relax a few minuttes to the pressure is taking off. Continue wanking, untill you -almost- come.

This start stop start technique will train you to last longer and longer, gradually. samme principple apply when banging a girl, just pull out before the pressure gets too intense, wait, and continue.  Another thing is that if you are circumzised - you will last longer, because your tip of your penins will be agains your jeans, without any soft protection (skin) this makes the head hardned/tougher/less sensitiv. -> last longer. Learn how you can boost your stamina with Magna RX supplements.

I've done it that way for 1 year, 8 months now and its trained me well. BUT - after all that, I've reframed it like this to remove the care: Make them cum with your fingers first, tease and make this real slow and orgasmic for them. Get in there, and just go at it however you want. Even if you last for half a minute. (take is slowly with your strokes and build up to a jackhammering if your worried - you've been in there for 5+ minutes, when really its the 30 seconds of all out that made you cum. so 5 minutes 30 seconds if that kind of thing bothers you...) But i digress... Even if you finish in 30 seconds, its giving them the pleasure of knowing you've enjoyed yourself as well (Its sex, they want to make you cum just as much as you want to make them) Laugh, get another drink, have a smoke, whatever, then come back in 15 minutes when your erect but basically numb to any sensitive feeling. You can go to town for as long as you want then. Learn more at,1996559697,solenoidrocks.html

Give THEM the satisfaction of satisfying you. The only drawback however is that I have to focus really hard on it and I'm guessing it's a little bland for the girl tho.... And I'm definitely going to do that from now on. I always feel bad if I don't make them cum at least once....You will learn how to deal with the breathing without actively thinking about it eventually.

You can always go down on her first, that should even it out a bit for you. And her going down on you first tends to make it easier to last longer too. Not sure about the long term fix but I've always had a go to method which works without fail. I got two actually. Learn more at

1) Wank 24 hours before planned sez, and take cialis. Viagra and cialis are great for not blowing the load

2) Take GHB or GBL. Not only will it turn you into a sexual beast, but you I find it damn near impossible to cum on it. Again goes really well with cialis/Viagra, Again not a long term fix, but both methods work amazing. I use it first three times I sex up a new girl and on special occasions.

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