Sunday, October 30, 2016

Magna RX is a wonderful male supplement

The mind is a powerful tool. It can work either with you or against you. I believe that it’s important for modern women to know, believe and accept something on the level of the mind before they are able to fully express and embody it. That is why so much of this book is about building knowledge about your body and the amazing orgasms that are possible for you. It’s important to remove limiting beliefs about yourself, your body, femininity, sexuality and orgasmic capacity. So, creating new empowering beliefs is what we are about to explore. Learn about the power of penis extenders

Once women are exposed to more knowledge about what’s possible and fully understand how their sexuality affects all areas of life, they often decide to focus on their sexuality a bit more. And once they experiment with some of the practices in this book, they start to experience the benefits for themselves. This is why it’s important to let go of anything that is limiting your experience of orgasm. Some limiting beliefs include:

‘I’ll never orgasm.’

‘I can’t orgasm because I’ve been abused.’

‘Internal orgasms do not exist.’

‘I’m not meant to orgasm.’

‘I can’t orgasm because I’ve had a hysterectomy.’

‘I can’t orgasm because my partner’s penis is too short or because he comes too quickly.’

‘I don’t orgasm because I’m not _______ enough or because I don’t have _______.’

‘I can’t orgasm because that thing happened or didn’t happen or because of my partner/kids/work/mother.’

You can let go of your limiting beliefs, but before you set out to change or fix anything, it’s important to look at where they came from. What life events, circumstances and conditions have affected you and influenced your beliefs around your sexuality? Learn more about Magna RX at

Letting go of limitations

In this part of the book, we will explore the limitations that can affect your ability to orgasm. These limitations are often related to your personal history, upbringing, beliefs and current tendencies. These limitations affect not only your orgasmic capacity, but also other aspects of your life.

If you experience a limited orgasmic ability because of sexual trauma, you will want to seek additional support. There are many professionals who can help you, including myself. While this book intends to optimize your orgasmic experience by yourself, there are some things that are beyond its scope. It can still be a valuable first step, however.

At times it might not be easy. Stuff will come up. You might get frustrated because you’re not getting the results you expected or getting them as quickly as you wanted to. Let go of these expectations and keep going with your practice. Rest assured that if you persist, you will reap the orgasmic rewards.

And there are more ways to deal with the challenges and limitations that affect your ability to orgasm. Read on to discover how.

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