Sunday, October 30, 2016

Inside the female body are two more erectile structures

Imagine, for a moment, going to visit someone’s house for the very first time. You want to be shown around by them and introduced to the environment. But they aren’t really sure where each room is or where the light switches are or how to operate the heating or cooling. They keep stumbling into things and don’t seem comfortable within their own home. How do you think it feels to be a visitor in their home? Learn more at

Now, imagine your body is a house, mansion or temple, if you like. When you invite someone in, do you know your body-temple well enough to guide others through it? Are you able to show them how to engage with your home?

I’m sure you’ve experienced a lover who doesn’t know what they’re doing or doesn’t know how to touch and pleasure you. Maybe they touch you too harshly or too softly or reach for your yoni too early. Even worse, have you been with someone who is not present and connected with you? But it’s not just about your visitor. They usually learn how to be in your environment based on how you are in your environment and how you guide them. So the better question is, do you know how to touch and pleasure yourself in the way you want to be touched and pleasured?

The secret to great sex is learning how to have great sex with yourself!

There are so many ways of masturbating and so many reasons to, including:

You become more connected with your body, your yoni, your femininity and your sexuality.

You can experience different kinds of pleasure and orgasm states.

You can discover and awaken more erogenous zones in your body.

You can heal yourself from pain and trauma.

You become independent and empowered in your sexuality, not needing someone else to fix, pleasure or fulfill you.

You can find the inner union of masculine and feminine energies with your self-empowering and self-affirming practice.

You can raise your sexual resonance and, as a result, attract better lovers.

When you know how to pleasure yourself, you can teach your partners how to better pleasure you.

You can use your sexual energy to charge up your health, creativity, career, relationships and spirituality.

Good things come to those who masturbate. As a sexuality coach, masturbation is the core practice that I invite my clients to either begin or explore with a new perspective. And this suggestion applies whether they are in a relationship or not. For some women, it can be challenging at first. It might feel mechanical, superficial or even alien. But after a few days of daily practice, or at most two weeks, they start to feel the positive effects. You can become significantly more orgasmic from this practice alone.

Masturbation is one of the most important sexual activities that you can do. It has an effect on your physical and emotional health, your orgasmic ability, your enjoyment of sex and even how you live your life. If you don’t understand your own sexual pleasure, how can anyone else possibly work it out?

So, as a start, instead of calling your practice masturbation, try to think of it as self-sex, self-love or self-pleasure. Use whatever word resonates with you and excites you. Your masturbation practice and your experience of orgasm can be transformed when you focus on cultivating self-pleasure.Learn about Arginmax at

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