Thursday, October 13, 2016

Increasing Your Penis Length to 9 inches

And in case you’re wondering if it works for guys who are already big then, the answer is ‘yes’ as well. I have another client who I spoke to yesterday. He’s actually a pretty cool guy and he started out with about a 7 inch penis in length and he’s increased it to just under 9 inches now. His girth is almost 6-1/2 inches and he says the girls that he’s having sex with now literally pass out when he fucks them. He says that: “If I have them in a certain position and I put it all the way in, l kind of wrap my hands around their neck, gently but dominantly, not only do I literally see their eyes fall back in their head as they’re just having rolling orgasms, but they literally almost pass out most of them time. They literally go blank for a few seconds at a time, their orgasms are so intense. Then, they’ll look at me and say, ‘What just happened? I know I just came a ton but…for how long? How long has it been? Did I pass out? What? What happened?” What happened is they finally had sex with a big dick who knew what he was doing with it. He said he’s shooting for 10 inches, which I think is a little crazy, but, you know, do whatever you want with this, OK? You now have the power to increase the size of your penis almost as much as you want.  Learn more at and

Who am I to say what’s big enough? Go as big as you want or don’t go as big as you want, have fun with it! But what about the whole penis enlargement community? What are they doing wrong? Like I mentioned, more than 90% of them do not see results and if they do, they see very few results and it takes them a lot of time and effort. The problem that I noticed with them is that they’re all huge nerds. They’re all very nerdy and they don’t have lives. They have far too much free time on their hands and this gives them too much time to over-complicate the penis enlargement process. You’ll see that they talk about all these crazy exercises and you have to do four or five or six exercises a day to increase the length of your penis and then they want to complicate it and they want the super-secret exercise and they want all the contraptions, they want to try everything. Me personally, I’d rather just have a huge cock. What they don’t realize is something that Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, did realize. What was that? He wasn’t talking about penis size but life when he said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Al you need to increase your penis size is a simple, sophisticated plan. That is what the Average Penis Cure Plan is. So, I saw this whole underground penis community doing all these different exercises and what I realized was that all they needed was one and, maybe, two of the best exercises with a consistent plan that relied on progressive overload and prolonged tension. You didn’t need to complicate it. You didn’t need all these exercises. I tried their way. Results never came. Annoyance did. So I decided, “You know what? I’m just going to go with my gut instinct here. I’m just going to keep it as simple as I possibly can and I’m going to see what happens.” And before I knew it, it had been a month and I was already seeing more gains in a month than I had seen in the previous eight months trying their way.

So, that’s what they’re doing wrong and that’s exactly why we’re doing the opposite, because we do it right. More questions. Does the Average Penis Cure Plan increase length, girth or both? The answer is it increases both, but probably more length. There is an opportunity for you to alter the plan just a little bit in case you want to focus on the girth of your penis as opposed to the length too - with this option, you’re able to increase either however much you want. Now as a guy who used to have a very small penis and now has a huge penis, what do women like more? Do they like girth? Length? What’s the answer here? The truth is, they like both. Women like guys with really long dicks, as long as it’s not so long it’s punching them in the cervix, and they like girth. They love the feeling of being completely filled up. They love that feeling, so if you’re a guy with a long thick cock, girls are going to really really enjoy it immediately. Bottom line, length and girth are BOTH things you want in your front-pocket :-) Now is the Average Penis Cure Plan safe, long-term, and are the results permanent? After working with thousands of clients, I can tell you that, ‘yes’, the training is safe. The penis gets stronger. You get better erections. Your PC muscle increases in strength too, which is the hammock muscle under your penis that allows you to prolong ejaculation and shoot bigger loads.

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