Thursday, October 13, 2016

Increasing Penis Size ... What You Need To Know

Can you imagine the great men of history GETTING ON THEIR KNEES to try to please a woman? You gotta be fucking kidding me. I never ate pussy and I never will. I have a huge dick now. I don’t have to. So anyways, that high school story stuck with me. It’s important to me that I am always, as one of my friends likes to say, “reading the OBVIOUS signs”. It’s been obvious to everyone from the get-go…girls prefer bigger dicks to average dicks. And in a lot of cases, when you have your huge dick, the girl never wanna leave you. 99% of guys out there won’t be packing what you’re packing…does she really wanna risk it out there, in the land of average penis after she’s had a big one? Don’t think so man….for most girls, there’s no going back (or they do, and wish for their past, well-endowed lovers when their current, normal-dick guy is doing his best to satisfy their stretched vagina). And the truth is, most of them have been trained and taught to tell guys that “average is just fine”. They don’t actually think it.

They want a huge one. They want to be able to tell their girlfriends about it, so those girls get jealous and feel bad about their own average-sized boyfriends. And if you need proof, just watch what girls say AFTER they’re no longer in a relationship with a guy. During it, they’ll tell him how happy they are sexually and so on, but the minute the relationship is over - if he didn’t have a huge cock - they’ll go right after him where it hurts and tell him the truth. That he never satisfied them, that he has a small, average penis, that they thought about that guy they used to get fucked by in college who was 9-inches and thick, and would fuck them so hard and good and deep, and they were gonna give him a call now so a real man can finally stick his massive cock in her again. Accept the truth, and you’ll be far more determined to follow my Average Penis Cure Plan here. Fight it, and live in regret for the rest of your life. Your call. So bottom line: Does having a huge cock make you a better and more desirable, more confident man? The answer is yes, yes it does. There is no difference between your sex life and your life. Your sex life is your life. Our sex life is the core of everything we do. It’s the reason we’re here. Without it, you wouldn’t have been born. Sex GAVE YOU life. Learn more at and

Can you imagine how you’ll feel when you’re finally fucking these hot girls and they’re screaming out to you, “Oh my god, I love how big your cock is. Your huge cock feels so good inside of me, I can never go back! I love your big dick!” When you hear things like that, it can’t help but make you feel more confident, more free , more in love with your life, and obviously…that’s real confidence that carries over to the rest of your life immediately.

The “Increasing Size” Debate Can you really increase the size of your penis? Yes. Yes you can. This is something I just didn’t believe when I was younger until later on, I discovered that there was this whole penis enlargement community; and I saw that there are actually some guys who increased the size of their penis. What was interesting to me, and I’m going to talk about this later, was how most of the people in the community did not see results or, if they did, they saw very very little results and it took them a lot of time and a lot of wasted effort and work. Once I saw that, I realized that there had to be a simpler answer; and that is what I found with the Average Penis Cure Plan. Myself, I’ve increased my own penis more than 3.5 inches in length and more than an inch-and-a-half in girth, naturally. My erections are stronger. I last longer. My ejaculations are bigger, and life is better. Now that’s taken me a few years, but I have a client who I was just texting with who started off at a 5 inch penis, which is fairly average. It’s about medium range if you look at the studies. He’s increased his penis by an inch-and-a-half in the last year, so he’s getting closer to 7 inches and he says that his whole life has changed. He recently got a promotion. He walks around with more confidence. He feels great. His package shows when he’s walking around, he notices girls checking it out. His life has gone through a complete transformation.

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