Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Increase the Size of the Penis naturally without Pills

Most men out there would never take the risk to believe that you can actually increase the size of the penis naturally, without pills, without machinery, without equipment, just with your hands, and 30 minutes a day. I wanna thank you for believing in me in showing you how to make that happen for you, and for being smarter than everyone else. So, I’ve learned a ton from my personal “dating and life guru”, Jason Capital, who is actually a big reason why I’m sharing this with the world now. He taught me a lot about getting laid with hot girls (which happened before I had a huge cock to swing around, but it just happens a lot more now), and he has positively influenced my life a ton. I just simply admire the guy and have learned a ton from him.

He’s amazing. Anyways, enough dick-sucking. The point is, one of the things that he always does with all his programs, that are fantastic, and I totally recommend, is that there’s no bullshit involved in any of them. He cuts right to the point. He’s not trying to wow you with pages, and pages, and pages of content. He’s just going to give exactly what you need to get the exact result that you want, and I am fully intending on doing the exact same here for you. So in The Average Penis Cure Plan, you’re not gonna find a book filled with tons of science, and jargon, and 300 pages of charts. My original goal was to make this less than 10 pages. Check out the X4 labs extender at and 

This is about results and only results. If you’re looking for someone who’s just gonna bore you with tons of information to make themselves look smarter, then you need to find another product. I look smart because my dick is huge now. Enough said. So let’s get a little of the background out of the way, before we get to the actual Average Penis Cure Plan.

When did Moses come to realize that he wanted a huge cock? When I was 13 years old, I still remember, I was walking after school with two friends of mine. We’re walking from school to a local Panera Bread to get some food. And, as we were walking there, my friend Danny had mentioned that all of the girls in our class had started talking about this kid in our class, and some had even been hooking up with him and jerking him off. And, this was a kid that was actually the quiet, nerdy type. I couldn’t believe that this kid, that no one really knew, was all of a sudden getting jerked off and hooking up with all the hot girls in 8th grade. I didn’t understand why. So I asked him, “how did that happen? What’s going on?” And he said a rumor was started that this kid has a huge cock, and one of the girls found out. She told all of her friends, and all the girls wanted to see it and when it turned out to be true, all the girls were mesmerized and the rest was history. The minute I heard that, I was a changed man, or a changed kid, more pointedly.

I decided that no matter what happened, when I grew up, I had to have a huge penis. Life could not be complete, life could not be satisfying, life could not be fulfilling … I would not be happy unless I had a huge penis myself. That was the moment that I realized that I wanted a big dick and it traveled with me throughout high school. Like most high schoolers, I watched a lot of porn and saw a lot of guys with dicks that were bigger than mine. I felt inferior. I was envious of them. I wanted to have that same size penis. I still remember even as a senior in high school, there was a kid who sleeping with all the girls, and there was also a rumor going around that he had a 9-inch penis, and that all the girls, even girls who had boyfriends, just had to test it out and see what it was like to have sex with a huge penis. I couldn’t believe it! Girls cheating on their loyal boyfriends to fuck the asshole with the huge penis.

This was the great equalizer! It was like, just because he was born well hung, he got a free pass - he got to sleep with all the girls and do and say whatever the fuck he wanted. Whereas, as we both know, the guy with the normal size penis didn’t get that. If you had a normal penis, you were supposed to be quieter, and if you wanted to have multiple sex partners, you either couldn’t, or you had to learn how to eat really good pussy, like a little bitch. Oh yeah, just a side note: I do not and will not ever eat pussy. Can you easily imagine James Bond performing cunnilingus on a girl? Hell no. Think about it: A guy ON HIS KNEES, to please a girl. How much of a bitch could you be?

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