Sunday, October 30, 2016

How To Use Extagen

Today, weight is one of the biggest issues women struggle with when it comes to self-acceptance. In western society, obesity is an epidemic and is not a healthy state for your body. On the other hand, modern standards of beauty depicted through fashion, advertisements and celebrities promote much thinner body weights than a normal healthy weight. As a result, women grow up and live with impossible standards of beauty, which has led to more teenagers and young women developing eating disorders than ever before.

Being too overweight can affect your orgasmic ability because your health is affected. And aiming to be super thin can also affect you because being underweight can rob you of some of your orgasmic ability. However, it’s not just about weight. Learn more at

It’s about all aspects of female beauty. The fashion industry used to spend hours and hours on make-up and hairstyling to improve the looks of the models and hide their many human imperfections. But now, in addition to all of that, photo-editing software is used to manipulate women’s features even further. The final photo used in the media more often than not looks very different to the woman who posed in front of the camera. And it’s not just skin blemishes that are digitally erased; entire body proportions are being reshaped. These photos present ideals of beauty that are unrealistic and cause a distortion in our collective perception of beauty.

You are probably already aware of this. Yet, in spite of your awareness, you are probably still affected by these unnatural and impossible depictions of female beauty. Perhaps you still judge yourself for not looking like those images. So, what is your attitude towards your body? Are you comfortable in a bikini on the beach? Are you comfortable being naked? Do you prefer to turn off the lights when you’re having sex? Do you love your body?

Look at yourself naked in the mirror and find all the things that you do love about your body. There will always be things that you don’t like, so focus on the things that you do like. Aim for a healthy weight rather than the ‘ideal’ body based on unrealistic images in the media. If you want to support your orgasmic journey, you need to accept and love your body. And one way you can express your love and acceptance is to gift yourself with regular self-pleasure.

Pleasure yourself

I said earlier that there is no one secret to great sex because there are many secrets. But if I had to choose the most powerful one, this is it. Obviously, we’re talking about masturbation here. But even the word masturbation can have negative connotations for some. It might be regarded as something that you do when you don’t have a partner or if your partner doesn’t satisfy you. In particular, women masturbate less often than men and are less likely to admit to doing it.

Self-reflection: How comfortable are you with touching yourself? How often do you do it?

Masturbation is the most basic and natural sexual behavior. Even fetuses in the womb have been shown to pleasure themselves in this way. Perhaps you have noticed how often kids touch their genitals or rub themselves on pillows, furniture or toys? It’s completely normal. However, it’s very common for parents who witness a young boy or girl masturbating to either reproach them or punish them. Even if the parent doesn’t say anything, their energy changes and children are very perceptive to these shifts. So they start believing that they have done something ‘wrong.’

When adults react towards a young one’s masturbation with these attitudes, they lay the first foundations of guilt and shame around masturbation. This also extends to body image, sexuality and one’s feminine or masculine essence.

I’ve worked with many women experiencing sexuality issues and I’ve noticed a few common things:

Some women have guilt and shame around masturbation and aren’t comfortable doing it.

Other women don’t take full pleasure in their masturbation. Or they only do it in a mechanical and superficial way, perhaps as a quick fix or a sleeping aid.

Many women are overly focused on clitoral stimulation, missing out on the vast range of experiences, sensations and orgasmic states possible for them.

And some women get attached or addicted to their vibrator. This can cause their yonis to become desensitized or numb, and even make it difficult to experience pleasure with a partner because no man can produce the same stimulation that a vibrator does.

Maybe you have some of these tendencies or experience some shame or inhibition around masturbation as well.

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