Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Make My Dick Bigger

So you want to know what I tried in terms of making my dick bigger, what worked and what didn’t? Well, the first thing that I did when I discovered that there was actually a community that taught you how to make your cock huge - I did what usually works, I invested in a personal coach. I’m not going to say his name, but there is a guy who was online and had a presence, and who offered specific and “personalized” cock workout programs - you fill out a questionnaire, and then you get all these various exercises and stretches you’re supposed to do at different times. Being so green and not really understanding penis enhancement, I was like, “oh, this is the advanced shit, this is definitely what I need!” So I followed it for over six months, and maybe grew 1/10th of an inch in length. Got a little bit of girth, that was encouraging, but it was extremely complicated. It took over an hour a day and the results were so subtle, and so small. I was convinced there had to be a better way. So, I searched and bought something called a Bath Mate for like $300. It’s a contraption where you go in the shower and you put it on your cock, and it creates some type of suction that’s supposed to engorge your cock with way more blood than normal, and make it thicker and a little longer. Learn about Stamina RX at 

It hurt like hell, and whatever girth it added went away after 30 minutes. Plus, it put red dots all over my cock. They were like ugly, red stretch marks that stayed for days, long after the 30-minute boost you got from wearing it. So that was out the window. What am I supposed to do, excuse myself from a girl, 20 minutes before sex, go in the shower, pump my dick out for 7 minutes, then come back with a slightly bigger but now red and ugly cock. Get out of town. You need a huge, attractive cock. Girls like a pretty cock too, don’t ever forget that. So then I bought an extender. I thought well, maybe I could stretch it all day with this extender and that would do the trick. When I got it, it took me 4 hours just to figure out how to put the thing on, and when I did get it on, I had no idea if I was doing it right. I figured it out eventually, but now I couldn’t do anything all day long. I was like what’s the point in having a huge cock if can’t go out there and take action, and, and feel awesome all day long. With all that going on, it’s pretty obvious to see what made me realize…there must be a better, simpler way. I’ve always believed your gut instinct knows right from wrong, and if you can get clear with it, you can get a lot of effective answers. So I asked myself: What’s the obvious sign here? What is everyone missing that’s so plain and obvious? Well, what I saw was a bunch of nerds who spend all day talking about how to increase the size of their penis, and they were constantly changing programs.

They were constantly complicating their programs; they thought if the added more exercises, that would do the trick, or if they did a certain workout three times per day, and they were working on their cock like 4 hours a day - more than they were their business, or their job or themselves, or their health or their relationships…that would do the trick. I thought, no fucking way. This is absurd. So there’s too much overanalyzing, too much complicating things, but isn’t this to be expected? What do I already know about nerds? It’s their MO to overanalyze everything, and all that thinking gets them nowhere. Life isn’t about thinking, it’s about doing. So I thought, I wonder what happens if I just do the opposite of this? What if this whole community was based on nerds who who were trying to figure this out, and in doing so, they came up with all these crazy explanations and and workouts and exercises, and they had these crazy names for all these different exercises but what if in all their analyzing and complication…they had missed the big picture, the obvious sign? This really hit home for me, and two things happened: One, I was forwarded an old article about some kid, I think in Maryland, who would stretch his earlobes really, really far down, I think this article has had a big impact on the whole PE community itself but my interpretations was different. Anyways, the kid and his stretched out earlobes. He would just pull down on them and stretch them all day long - for hours a day, he would just stretch them and shockingly…they grew. He could get his earlobes as long as he wanted. So I thought that was pretty interesting.

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