Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun With Semenax and Kamagra

When you start your orgasmic explorations, you may experience some weird bodily reactions. For example, your hands may feel charged with energy and electricity or as though you have pins and needles or they might become numb. Sometimes, it can become difficult to control your hands and they might lock in a kind of crab-claw gesture, with your thumb ‘stuck’ to your middle and index fingers. Your arm muscles might also tense and lock causing your elbow joint to close, with the palms close to the shoulders. A friend of mine that has experienced this calls it the ‘T-Rex.’ This condition is actually called ‘Tetni’ and it is caused by energy moving through your body and hitting resistance or blockages.

When your body is overwhelmed with energy, it tenses up. Tetni is also related to energy rising to the level of your heart chakra, and some consider it an expression of Kundalini energy. You may experience your mouth and face going numb or tingling. And in extreme cases, your whole body might become numb or you might feel extremely disorientated and like you’re about to faint.

The important thing to do, as always, is to relax. Don’t try to resist, fight or understand these symptoms. Simply allow your hands to go numb or lock or whatever phenomenon you are experiencing. Keep breathing and making sounds and just allow your body to move as it wants to. I assure you that once you relax, these conditions will pass and as you continue on your sexual journey, you will likely experience less and less of them.

It’s okay to feel some fear, anxiety or confusion about what’s happening to you and about what might happen if you step beyond a certain threshold. What’s beyond that threshold might be emotions or memories that you have suppressed for years. Going there might bring on a strong emotional release or an orgasm that transports you beyond yourself. So I invite you to accept and embrace any fear you might feel and allow yourself to step into that unknown place.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Understand that orgasm can come in moments of grief as well as in moments of elation. It’s natural to think about orgasm as something related to joy, happiness and relaxation. However, for some women, orgasm comes in times of deep grief, suffering and challenge. I know a woman who liked and enjoyed sex, but never experienced orgasm until her sister was on her deathbed. She had sex that night in a state of total grief, knowing that her beloved sister was about to die. And she experienced her first orgasm that night. The grief and frustration somehow helped her to surrender and let go. The intensity of the feelings she allowed herself to embrace turned into orgasm.

Remember that emotion is energy. And any strong emotion can be transformed into orgasm.

It’s time to practice

Knowledge might be power, but you’re not here just to read about orgasms, are you? You need to put the information into practice if you intend to increase your orgasmic power.

The practices I share with you are like building blocks that you can use by yourself, with your current or future partner and even in non-sexual situations. They will have a profound effect on your health and wellbeing, not to mention the depth of your orgasmic ability.

Remember, female arousal takes time to build into orgasm, so stay present with the pleasure. Also be aware that you might need to find the right touch at the right place at the right time.
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