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Fellatio Specific Techniques

There are also ways that your partner can support you in this practice. Check out the resources section of my website for more detail.
You might be used to having quick and easy clitoral orgasms, and maybe you once believed that’s all there was. But after a few days or, at most, weeks of practice, you will be able to receive more and more clitoral stimulation and be able to transform it into prolonged internal or whole-body orgasms.

Try to practice this for at least thirty minutes every day, where you are stimulated but don’t reach a clitoral orgasm, either by yourself or with your lover. The idea is to build up enough energy that it starts emanating throughout your whole body and, later, into your life. This will be the best homework you ever get! Learn more at

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If you’re ready to explore a more orgasmic state and different types of orgasm, then it’s time to get intimate with the most important person on your orgasmic journey.

Reconnecting with yourself

Now that we know a bit about orgasms, it’s time to go deeper. It’s time to meet the most important person on your orgasmic journey – you.

In this section of the book, you will reconnect with yourself – your yoni, your juices, your pleasure and your body. You will discover why pleasuring yourself is so important to your orgasmic journey and new ways to do this. You will experience your yoni in new ways and see that connecting to her allows you to embrace your femininity. Importantly, you will be invited to accept yourself as you are and also to allow yourself to change and grow, like a flower.

Self-reflection: How deeply do you love and accept your body?

Self-love and acceptance are important on your orgasmic journey. And it’s not just accepting your sexuality and your sexual organs, you need to love and accept your whole body. To say ‘yes’ to being orgasmic, you first need to say ‘yes’ to yourself.

Your attitude towards your body affects how much you enjoy sex and how much others will be attracted to you. If you don’t like your own body and radiate that energy, how can you expect others to love it for you? They pick up on how well you accept yourself and take the lead from you.

I have seen women who are overweight and would not be considered particularly attractive by modern standards. But when these women have loved, adored and cherished their own bodies, it has made them attractive in the eyes of the people around them. I have had a few lovers like this and it is a pleasure and an honor to be with someone who is confident in their body, regardless of what the sought-after norm might be.

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Orgasmic extras

Marilyn Monroe is considered to be one of the biggest sex symbols in history. However, if you analyze her face according to common standards of female beauty, you will find that it was asymmetric and slightly disproportionate. There were many Hollywood actresses who were more ‘beautiful’ than Marilyn. But her charisma and sensuality made her a legendary beauty.

On the other hand, there are the women who are very beautiful according to modern standards. Yet, often, when I encounter these women, they don’t really like their own body and keep finding (and voicing) perceived faults. As a result, men who would normally be attracted to them because of their good looks get turned off because their beauty is like a shell that holds an unattractive woman inside. Their lack of self-acceptance affects the people around them.

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