Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fantasies with X4 Labs Extender

Orgasmic transformation is available to everybody, whether you’ve never had an orgasm or you enjoy lots of them. As you learn more about the orgasmic potential within yourself, you will have already begun the process of unleashing your orgasm. Self-reflection: What is your understanding of an orgasm? How do you experience it?

Most people have a limited understanding (and often experience) of what orgasm is and are, therefore, unaware of what it can be. The common understanding of orgasm is problematic. See for yourself:
‘Orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.’ – Wikipedia

Don’t you think that’s a bit boring and limited?

Definitions like this are based on scientific theories that aren’t aware of or won’t embrace anything but the observable. But what science can’t measure and can’t define is where your orgasmic power lies. You see, limiting orgasm to a mere physical phenomenon robs women (and men!) of the possibility for experiencing much, much more.

My experience with my own lovers and my many clients – as well as the experiences shared by teachers, friends and students – has shown me that the common perception and experience of orgasm is only a sliver of what’s possible. So I prefer to define orgasm in the following way: Learn about X4 Labs extender at

Orgasm is the union of pleasure, surrender and consciousness.

The pleasure part of this is obvious. When we think about orgasm, we usually associate it with pleasure, regardless of our understanding. But surrender is an important part too. Some level of surrender and letting go is necessary to be able to experience any kind of orgasm. And the deeper you can surrender and trust, the deeper, more meaningful and more profound your orgasms will be. The consciousness part is the deep part within you that is awakened during orgasm. It’s also what can take your orgasm to another level – one of personal growth and spiritual awakening. Learn more about penis extenders at and

You can regard this section as a ‘philosophy of orgasm.’ You will discover that there are many different kinds of orgasm and many ways to perceive them and have them. The practices I share with you in this book will help you to experience some, most or even all of these orgasms. You may even experience orgasms that I don’t describe and may not even be aware of. Exploring the different approaches, definitions and types of orgasm can help you to better understand what it is and what it can be. This might seem too theoretical or ‘heady’ but with a better understanding, you will be better able to experience orgasm in your body.

So this section is like a guided tour, where you become more familiar with the orgasm landscape, including hands-on practices that will allow you to explore new ideas for yourself. It’s going to be a fun ride! I can’t promise you that your sex and relationship will become amazing overnight. But what I suggest is that by considering the information I share and by actually doing the practices, your experience of your body, femininity, sexuality, pleasure and orgasm will improve. Maybe it will even radically transform. Other aspects of your life might also improve as a result.

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