Sunday, October 30, 2016

Does Libidus Work?

Orgasmic reminders

There are a few things to remember before beginning your self-pleasure practice. These reminders will help you to experience pleasure and will make it easier for you to orgasm.

First, the most important reminder:

Pleasure = Orgasm.

Remember to recognize every small sensation of pleasure as a mini-orgasm. Gradually, these waves of pleasure will expand into your full orgasmic experience.

Next, let’s cover some approaches that will support your pleasure practice.

Take your time

Allow yourself plenty of time to build your pleasure and experience your orgasm. Some men can come in thirty seconds (and you may have met some that were even faster). But women can sometimes take half an hour to an hour to reach a deep and meaningful orgasmic state. And it’s not just about a single experience; the journey to deeper orgasms can take months or even years.

Take your time and enjoy the orgasmic experience you are having right now, knowing that best is yet to ‘come.’

Create the space

The environment you create for yourself matters. Consider this to be a ritual and create a sacred space accordingly.

Clean and organize the room. Remove any clutter. Place some fresh flowers in the room. Heat or cool the room to a pleasant temperature. Make sure you will not be disturbed and switch off your phone and other devices.

Music, scent, taste and touch sensations such as silk bed sheets or lingerie can arouse you nearly as well as a good lover. Put a sarong or large piece of cloth on the bed. Have some pillows and cushions ready for support. Light some incense and candles. Put on some sensual music. Anything that feels sexy, feminine or arousing for you is perfect.

The main idea is to create the kind of space that feels special and sacred to you. You don’t have to do all of these things every time, but consider trying this for your first conscious self-love practice and from time to time as you feel inspired to. Learn more at

Touch your whole body

Your whole body is sensitive, pleasurable, erogenous and orgasmic. It’s true that some areas of your body – such as your yoni and your breasts – are more sensitive than other parts. However, all of your body can be sensitive, pleasurable and even orgasmic if you take enough time to explore and extend your attention to other areas. The more you do, the more orgasmic you become.

I’m sure you have experienced a man touching your body too early or focusing too much on your breasts and then your vagina with the aim of getting to penetration and ejaculation. It doesn’t feel very inspiring, does it? Your self-pleasure needs to include your whole body too.

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