Friday, October 14, 2016

Average Gains in Penis Size

I saw an anonymous post on a forum where there was a guy who was saying that the most gains he’d ever seen on his cock was when he had been injured and home from work, out of work for six months. He would watch TV and just stretch his cock all day. He wouldn’t do the exercises, but he would just pull on it and stretch it, and hold it there while he’s watching TV. And he was gaining like half-an-inch a month. His cock got so big that he had to stop. He couldn’t have sex anymore with girls because it hurt them too much, his member was becoming that huge. I thought, well, that’s really interesting too. Ironically, when he posted that online, NO ONE - not one of the nerds in the community - looked at that and thought, “Well, maybe we should just do that.” They couldn’t see this because they were so blinded by the false belief of “complicated is better”. It couldn’t be that simple. It has to be something special. The whole bullshit of “it might have worked for you but it won’t work for me”. So, no one noticed it, but I did, because I’m not a nerd. My thinking was, well, I don’t have three hours a day to watch TV. I don’t really watch TV, but what if I assign 30 minutes a day to lay on my side and just stretch my cock. And instead of TV, I can read a book while I do it and get smarter. I’ll just stretch it, with that right amount of tension (which we’ll talk about later), for 30 minutes a day, and I’ll get my reading done at the same time. Learn more at

I’ll get more hung, solve a world problem and I’ll get smarter at the same time. So I dove right in, and within the first month of that, my penis grew 2/10th of an inch - more than it had using their way for the previous 8 months or whatever. And ever since then, almost 3 years now, I’ve gained consistently, 1/10th of an inch to 2/10th of an inch every single month since I decided to do that. I like to take a couple breaks at certain points, simply because I feel like I’m growing too fast or I’m getting too big, but it’s been consistent every single month. What’d I learn? I didn’t need all the exercises or complications. All I needed was one simple exercise and just some consistency. Steve Jobs, form the grave, was still right. . Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Since then, I’ve recommended the Average Penis Cure Plan to a lot of my friends who I had told my results about, and, and people who’ve come to me privately via email and they’ve all experienced about the same results, give or take a little each way. Some guys grow a little slower but some guys grow even faster. I know one guy who grew .5 inches in the first 5 weeks! The only commonality between them? They have penises, and they use the Average Penis Cure Plan on those penises. I will warn you though - there is one group of people that the Average Penis Cure Plan does not work for:

People who are not consistent. If you can’t do it every single day, for 30 minutes a day, it will not work like it should. But more on that in the next chapter. So before we do get to the plan, something a lot of guys want to know is, “What do the girls you’re with say about it? Do they notice that your dick is getting bigger than it was six months ago?”, and stuff like that, and this is actually kind of funny. What happened to me is I started seeing a girl consistently after maybe a year of doing this. By that time, I was pretty normal and the sex was decent. But about 6 months in, I was more than half-an-inch bigger and she had started to cum multiple times during sex, but still…she didn’t notice that my rod was bigger.

Each month however, as I grew longer and thicker, the orgasms kept getting more and more intense. The thing is, when you see something everyday, you don’t notice how it changes like you would if you didn’t see it for 6 months. About a year into it with that girl, I’ll never forget it. We were about to have sex, and I was just teasing her with my cock before my first penetration stroke. She’s getting more and more turned on as I tease her with my now 7+ inch dick and as I slid it in all the way, she came. I could hear it in her moans, that as I went deeper and deeper, she kept getting closer and closer to climax, and then, once it was all the way in, she exploded. I’d done the teasing stuff with other girls and such but I NEVER had made a girl cum on the first stroke with my normal sized dick. But with my new big dick powers, I was capable of anything. Later that day, she did mention it. She said, “I think your penis is getting bigger.” I laughed and told her, “Nah, I think your pussy is just getting smaller.” LOL. When you know you have a huge cock, life is just...good. So without any further ado, let’s’ get into the Average Penis Cure Plan right now..

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