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Anal Anxieties & Semen Loads

Turning clitoral stimulation into an internal orgasm

Being able to stop yourself from experiencing a peak clitoral orgasm is the first step to cultivating a deeper and more internal orgasm. Once you can do that, you can use a variety of techniques to spread your sexual energy to other parts of your body and increase the pleasure sensations inside your vagina. Learn more at

Let’s look at a few techniques you can try now:

The pause – Every few minutes during stimulation, pause completely. Relax your breathing and your body and stop any movement. Allow your arousal to decrease before continuing. This is a powerful technique that you can use while self-pleasuring, having foreplay, having sex or any other activity. It increases your awareness and moves you from ‘doing’ pleasure to ‘being present’ with pleasure.

Finger tracing – Move your fingers from your clitoris and down into your vagina. Curl your finger upwards, towards your pubic bone and press there. Repeat this movement. It moves the pleasure and sexual energy away from your clitoris and into your vagina, bringing awareness, sensation and pleasure. It’s a great way to awaken and activate your G-spot and it also creates a new neurological pathway between this area and your clitoris.

Internal stimulation – One of the best ways to move sexual energy into your vagina is by applying internal stimulation. You can do this with a dildo or, if you don’t have one, consider a penis-shaped vegetable. Try applying both clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time, while keeping your focus inside your vagina. Gradually, apply more internal stimulation and less external stimulation, until you are hardly touching your clit at all and you can feel the pleasure increasing internally.

Internal awareness – Focus your awareness inside your vagina. Be aware of any warmth, tingling, vibrating, pulsating, throbbing or any other sensation, even if it’s numbness. Do this continuously, and specifically when you use ‘The pause.’

Breath and sound – Keep breathing fully into your belly, focusing on your exhale and making a long ‘Ahhhh’ sound as you breathe out.

Movement – It’s also important to allow your whole body to move, twist and undulate. In particular, allow your hips to undulate back and forth, side to side and in circles. Let this movement expand to your spine, shoulders, head and your entire body. This builds sexual energy and pleasure and also allows the sexual energy to spread into your entire body.

Spread it – Keep caressing your entire body and consciously move your hands away from your genital area and towards other parts of your body, specifically your upper body. Imagine that you are spreading and moving your sexual energy – as if it’s a lump of butter that you are spreading over toast.

Touch – Explore different kinds of touch all over your body – caress, pull, squeeze, twist, pinch, press, stroke, fondle, brush, knead, massage and slap. Experiment with different sensations – you might be surprised at what feels good! Learn about how to increase semen loads

Visualization – Visualize a stream of light, heat, electricity or energy following the path that your finger traces from your clitoris into your vagina (see ‘Finger tracing’). And beyond the vaginal orgasm, you can also visualize this energy travelling up your spine and emanating from the top of your head. This leads to another type of orgasm that we’ll be looking at later.

Squeeze – While stimulating your clit or during the pauses, contract and relax your vaginal muscles in rhythmic repetitions. This brings awareness and sensation into your vagina, and helps you move the sexual energy up your spine. Experiment with different kinds of squeezes – short, long, pulling in, squeezing tightly and even pushing out.

Some women habitually ‘push out’ their vaginal muscles, which causes an explosive orgasm or just a loss of sexual energy. If your clit becomes hypersensitive, it might mean that you had an explosive orgasm. Some level of alternate pushing out and pulling in is pleasurable and beneficial; it’s just important that you do not push out too much and lose your orgasm in this way.

Affirmations – Affirm your orgasmic power to yourself. Say, either out loud or internally, something like, ‘My sexual energy is flowing into my vagina’ or ‘My whole body is orgasmic.’ Consider writing your affirmation down and placing it where you will see it often, such as on your laptop, mirror or fridge.

I encourage you to give some of these techniques a try. Experiment for a few weeks and record your experience in your orgasmic diary. Discuss your experience with female friends who have internal orgasms and know the difference. And don’t worry if you occasionally explode into a clitoral orgasm. Just build your pleasure again and keep going.

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