Friday, October 14, 2016

Advice for Jelqing

Don’t break your dick, pulling crazy hard will not only really tire out your hand but it will put you at serious dick-risk. Get a good stretch going, with a noticeable amount of tension and hold it there. A little bit of discomfort is fine, but it should definitely not hurt. In fact, it feels pretty good after a while, knowing that exact, stretched tension is going to be responsible for the rapid growth of your cock. And you’re going to hold the stretch for 20-28 minutes every single session. Your hand or arm may get tired holding it stretched on one side, so feel free to switch the stretch to your opposite hand every 5-10 minutes. I used to have to switch sides every 2-3 minutes due to forearm fatigue but now I just hold it on one side for 10 minutes, switch to the other side, do 10 minutes there, then back. Simple, and huge. Just remember to play around with it a little to find the stretch that feels like it’s working best for you. The key here is the consistent, daily stretched tension for 20-28 minutes. 4. Your Huge Girth You’re going to finish off the session with what we have found to be the best girth-increasing exercise by far, The Squeeze. Now you don’t have to worry about figuring out which girth exercise works best, since you’ll find hundreds online. Learn about jelqing.

Just like The Stretch from #3 above, I’m giving you the only one you need so you can avoid any time-wasting and get right to big dick-creating. This exercise is also demonstrated in your member’s area as well by Shawn (say thank you Shawn!). So after you finish the 20-28 minutes of stretching, you’re going to shake the penis out for a few seconds, then get it partially-erect again (you know how to do that, right?). Then, making the OK-grip with your thumb and forefinger, grasp your penis directly at the base and squeeze. Again, do not squeeze so hard that you’re trying to crush your penis but do squeeze hard. After 1-2 seconds, take your other hand, make the OK-sign with the thumb and forefinger, and squeeze with just the same pressure at the head of the penis, right below the glans. Apply pressure inwardly towards the center of your cock, squeezing with both hands for 10 seconds, then let it go. That’s one rep. Shake it out after and get it close-to-hard again before the next rep if need be. Again, key points here: 1. Get partially erect. 2. Grip your penis at the base with an OK-grip and squeeze. Learn more at and

3. Grip your penis just shy of the head and squeeze with an OK-grip too. 4. Apply pressure inwardly with both hands to really trap the blood in there for 10 seconds. How many reps of this exercise do you want to do each session? Depends. As I mentioned before, this is a girth-focused exercise. If you want to really increase your girth, do more reps of this after your stretching. If you’re more after length, do less reps of it. I recommend, for guys who really want the girth to do their 30 minutes a day like this: 20 minutes stretching 10 minutes of The Squeeze (resting 20-40 seconds between each rep, so you’d do 10-20 reps total. More is not necessarily better so don’t push it like a nerd). **Note if you are doing this volume of The Squeeze, you should pull it back to just 1-2 reps, 1-2 days per week. If you want a balance of both, I’d do this: 25 minutes stretching 5 minutes of The Squeeze (again, resting 20-40 seconds between each rep, so you’d do 5-10 reps total).

And if you want to focus on the length, do this: 28 minutes stretching 2 minutes of The Squeeze (again, resting 20-40 seconds between each rep, so you’d do 2-4 reps total). Simple, and huge. Now some Q & A: What is the 6-Week Huge Penis Prep Period? Before you start the main Average Penis Cure Plan, you must complete this period first. It lasts 6 weeks, and like everything else I offer, it’s simple and it works. Here it is: THe 6-Week Huge PenIS PreP PerIOD (For jelqing how-to, seriously just Google it. This is the oldest exercise in the penis book, it’s great for conditioning your penis for the upcoming workload of The Plan and it can be found on 50 websites in 5 seconds.) Week 2 20 minutes of jelqing daily Week 3 30 minutes of jelqing daily Week 4 5 minutes of “The Stretch” followed by 25 minutes of jelqing daily Week 5 10 minutes of “The Stretch” followed by 20 minutes of jelqing daily Week 6 5 minutes of “The Stretch” followed by 15 minutes of jelqing daily Once you have completed this period, you’ll begin your daily 30 minute, Average Week 1 10 minutes of jelqing dailyof “The Stretch” for 20-28 minutes, followed by The Squeeze for 2-10 minutes. What do I do during The Stretch? Just lay there? Ahh, see, this is why I knew I was always meant to have a huge dick. I’m creative. Don’t worry about it, you’ll be creative and unstoppable like me when you have a giant pecker swinging around in your pants too. Here’s what I mandate all my clients do during their daily 20-28 minutes of “The Stretch”: Read. Read about stuff you’re interested in, read good fiction, personally, I usually end up reading one of Jason Capital’s books since the guy’s my fucking hero and since I have this huge dick now, I want to be able to use it on as many hot deserving chicks as possible. So pull out a good book, and while you’re holding The Stretch nice and tight, with a ton of good tension, read. Sometimes I’ll watch good, interesting or entertaining YouTube videos too, especially if I’m jelqing or doing the Squeeze because it’s hard to read when doing either of those. When should you do your 30 minutes per day? Totally up to you.

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